What In The World Are They Thinking?

Could some lawyer reading this please tell me how willfully and publicly flouting federal law is not punished? I understand the concept of prosecutorial discretion, but that’s for the equivalent of jay-walking, not major felonies, correct? Well, I’m not talking … Continue reading

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Ending Two Wars or Just Concentrating on the War at Home?

Barack Obama constantly tells us that he has “ended two wars.” Has he really? Or have the wars of which he speaks actually continued, but in which he has chosen to refuse to play a part, while he has been … Continue reading

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Diversity for Thee, But Not For Me

The Progressive mantra of “diversity über alles” is one of the most honored shibboleths in the pantheon of the stated beliefs held by those on the left. Like all shibboleths, it is a test to see if common folk are … Continue reading

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Saturday morning coffee with Silvio Canto discussing Gaza, the Ukrainian downing of the Malasian jetliner and other things

Here is the link to the tape of Silvio Canto’s Talk Radio program for July 19, 2014.

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Morning Coffee with Silvio Canto, Jr.

Link to Silvio Canto Jr.’s show for Saturday,  July 12, 2014    

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Clueless or Very Clever?

After reading scores of articles explaining how Barack Obama planned this deluge of pint sized invaders from south of the border, I’ve noticed that every pundit has focused in on the immigration issue and none other. They also fail to … Continue reading

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I Could Use Some Help Here

In reading account after account about the so called “Children’s Crusade”, otherwise identified as the “Crisis that Obama Hath Wrought”, references are being made (in multiple outlets by multiple authors) that confuse me. First, these children, who to be fair … Continue reading

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And you thought OUR government was regulation happy?

I ran across an article today that made me offer a (mental only) apology to the EPA, the Department of Education et al for all the evil thoughts I’ve sent their way regarding their generation of minute and senseless intrusions … Continue reading

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You should really read this article by Daniel Greenfield

I spend an immense amount of time reading a seemingly endless stack of blog articles, news reports and leftist propaganda (you can’t fight back if you don’t know what they are attacking, right?). I always read anything that I can … Continue reading

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I Am Offended by Your Compliment!

There are five (yep, count ‘em – only five) allegedly Native Americans who are so upset by the term “Redskins” that they have sought help from the government to help them suppress this oppressive abuse caused by the use of … Continue reading

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