What’s Obama’s problem with the Pentagon — and vice-versa?

Silvio Canto called earlier today (well, Friday to be accurate) and asked me to join him in speaking about the rift between Obama and the Pentagon.  Here is the link to our conversation about that:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cantotalk/2014/09/19/friday–a-rift-over-boots-on-the-ground-with-jim-yardley

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The Hidden Danger in Obama’s ISIS Plan

The current tension between the White House and the Pentagon is likely made worse by the President’s tendency to plan, and act, on the basis of how he believes the world and reality should react to whatever it is that … Continue reading

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Obama’s “Hopey-Changey” War

Barack Obama gave a prime time speech in the middle of the last week that was supposed to justify his taking military action in Iraq and Syria against the self-styled Islamic State. After listening to his speech, I was still … Continue reading

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Another episode of the Jim and Silvio Saturday morning coffee break

Following our President’s interesting speech about starting a war (that isn’t REALLY a war) with ISIS (or ISIL or the Islamic State or a designation to be determined later) Silvio Canto and I discuss the problems that will face the … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Coffee with Silvio Canto, Jr.

Apparently I’ve become a Saturday morning regular on Silvio Canto’s radio program.  Today we are discussing the President’s infamous “We don’t have a strategy” statement from his press conference and the implications inherent in that gaffe.  (“gaffe” has been defined … Continue reading

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Iraq, ISIS/ISIL and What the Future Holds. A Conversation with Silvio Canto, Jr.

Having coffee with Silvio Canto, Jr. on Saturday mornings has become a regular feature of starting my weekends. Today, Silvio and I looked at the Middle East and the ISIS/ISIL threat to the United States.  The link to the tape … Continue reading

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Silvio Canto and I discuss the situation in Ferguson

Another Saturday morning coffee with Silvio Canto, this week speaking to the situation in Ferguson and the racial impact of the shooting. You can listen to the whole show here.

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And Who Else Will You Be Voting For?

It’s 2014, and a mid-term election is going to happen in less than 90 days. Want to see how it goes? You step into the voting booth, and look at all the names on the ballot. You look for the … Continue reading

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Obama is Responsible for the Deaths in Iraq

ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State or whatever it’s called today is a group of homicidal thugs, drunk on their own sense of power and bolstered by their military successes in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Thousands have been murdered, and not … Continue reading

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Discussing the Situation in Iraq with Silvio Canto, Jr.

Another Saturday morning cup of coffee with Silvio Canto, Jr., a fellow contributor to American Thinker, on his radio program from Dallas. Program Link

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