Aren’t Democrats Lucky? (For the time being, anyway)

The old saying is absolutely true: ignorance really is bliss and how can you be luckier than living through life in a blissful haze. Continue reading

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Consequence Free Living

Early this morning, Flag Day here in the United States, was celebrated by a Bernie Trump supporter who felt moved to spray a baseball diamond with bullets resulting in four people being seriously wounded. Why in the world would anyone … Continue reading

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Thank You, Bernie!

Bernie Sanders, the octogenarian Senator from chilly Vermont, is once again rocking the political world. Of course I mean that in a good way, at least if you’re a Republican who is worried about the 2018 and 2020 elections.  Sanders … Continue reading

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Why do Idiots Say Things like “Have a nice holiday” on Memorial Day?

Did you ever wonder why people say things like “have a nice holiday” when they’re talking about Memorial Day? Did you ever hear anyone say have a nice day when you’re on your way to your mother or father’s funeral? … Continue reading

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A Child Playing Little League Baseball Understands the Rules

Some years ago General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet, sponsored advertising for their Chevys that contained a jingle that went something like “Baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet”.  The jingle defined what GM would like their potential customers to believe … Continue reading

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Look at All Those Empty Chairs…

Now that Inauguration Day is upon us, what should President-elect Donald Trump do or say in  response to the nonsense exhibited by Congressman John Lewis (and other Democrats) who feel they just can’t sit and listen to our next president … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Silvio Canto

It’s been a while since Silvio Canto and I got together for a conversation on his radio program from Dallas, and we corrected that lapse last night. Here is an audio of that show, which lasts about a half an … Continue reading

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Do Laws Only Apply to Conservatives?

The recent nonsense regarding some of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes being unwilling to perform at the Trump inauguration leads to the potential for many parallel examples but with wildly different reactions. For example, a waiter or waitress might … Continue reading

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I’ll Bet You Thought That You were just a Regular Guy

I ran across something that made me wonder just how many others have realized the same things and felt the same way.  I’d love to tell you that I was just incredibly brilliant and came up with this list on … Continue reading

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Dealing with the United Nations

Published 12/27/2016 at Canada Free Press The current imbroglio at the United Nations triggered by the abstention of the United States government during the Security Council vote on a measure which condemned the government of Israel over the building of … Continue reading

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