The Most Important Question

I’ve never been what you’d call a political activist.  Like many, perhaps even most, Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, liberals or conservatives, I dutifully voted every other year to select which corrupt idiot would be sent to Congress, mailed my checks on April 15th to Washington and (in my case) Albany, and otherwise did my best to ignore the self-serving, egocentric, and utterly useless gaggle of incumbent politicians.

As a system to avoid insanity, depression, heart attacks and tooth-decay (which can result from the gnashing of teeth) it worked pretty well, so long as the politicians were only engaging in their usual pastime of wasting my money.

But now politicians seem determined to take my life.  Or at least control it.

Obamacare, the stimulus, global warming alarmism and the White House czars all helped plant the seeds of skepticism, and now that skepticism has grown to become a full flowered distrust of the government, regardless of the political party currently holding a Congressional majority or inhabiting the White House. And I have to sadly include the “Fourth Branch of Government,” the main stream media as well.  Judging solely on the honesty and candor of our elected officials, I have to say that the MSM is for the first time truly a branch of government.

I’m sure almost everyone has heard the old joke asking how you can tell if a politician is lying…his lips are moving.  There is a large kernel of truth within the joke.  The joke contains a lot of anger, too.

Around the country today, angry voices are being raised at Tea Parties, town-hall meetings, in letters to Senators and House members, in letters to the editor, and the vast array of non-traditional media outlets on the internet and talk radio.  And these angry voices are left and right, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, and most significantly, independent voters.

These angry voices are questioning the “authoritative scientific experts” who tell us that the earth is warming at an alarming rate, but these same experts can’t seem to agree among themselves to any significant degree.  The angry voices are questioning the juxtaposition of the words “science” and “consensus” in the same sentence. Since “science” indicates facts and “consensus” indicates opinion there seems to be a serious disconnect there.   These two words should be mutually exclusive, and yet those who want to tax and regulate us back into the agrarian 19th century would have us believe that the “science is settled.”   These angry voices are being raised in disagreement.  Even the least scientifically oriented among them is saying that what they are hearing from the “experts” flies in the face of common sense.

These self-professed “authoritative scientific experts” are now being shown to be in the same class as Bernie Madoff.  The Climategate scandal has every element needed to force each and every one of us to ask “What the hell is going on?”

These angry voices are finally questioning the rationale behind the so-called Stimulus Bill, which doesn’t seem to be stimulating anything other than cynicism.  The angry voices are demanding that the spending, which is going to favored constituencies, but that hasn’t created a single job, be stopped.  And there is not one person that’s not on the government’s payroll who buys the “jobs saved” mantra.

These angry voices are now loudly questioning the results of millions, if not billions for research into Global Warming / Climate Change.  Who know it took so much money to write a work of fiction.

These angry voices are being raised to question the radical dismantling of the best health-care system on the planet.

Cui bono” is the Latin phrase that has been used for centuries by criminal investigators when starting the hunt for the perpetrator of a crime.  It means “to whom the good,” or who benefits?  Who gets something out of the crime?  The angry voices being raised around the country are asking that very question – cui bono?  And how are people answering that question?  Who is benefiting?

The 80% of our citizens who are happy with their current health insurance, and doctor, and local hospital are going to be answering “Not me!”

The businessmen who will be faced with more crippling taxes are going to answer, “Not me!”

Young people who have chosen not to buy health insurance, whether that decision is sensible or not, and who will be required to purchase it in the future will also say, “Not me!”

The health insurers who will watch their businesses fold when the “public option” is instituted will also answer, “Not me!”

So – cui bono?  To whom the good?  Who benefits?

Doctors, who will have their compensation cut, benefit?  Not likely.

Pharmaceutical companies when they will have the prices of their products controlled by a government that can’t even run a cafeteria?  Doubtful.

Hospitals that will be forced to accept government payments that won’t even cover their costs be the beneficiaries?  Not a chance.

It is up to the citizens, to stop accepting, and start demanding.  Not demanding money, or entitlements, but demanding honesty, transparency, and the end to insider deals and campaign contributions in exchange for pork-barrel cash.  Demanding that they obey the same laws, and face the same penalties as the peasants (that’s us for those of you taking notes).  Demanding performance from our elected officials.  Demanding that they accept responsibility for what exists, and not constantly try to blame the other political party, their predecessors or the phase of the moon!  Demanding proof of the numbers they so glibly quote.  I mean, is it 47 million without health care, or is it 47 million without health insurance.  Or is it 40 million?  Or maybe 30 million.  Or as a co-worker I had many years ago would have described it, is it P-O-M Dependent? For those unfamiliar with the acronym, it’s Phase-Of-Moon.

And even if Cap-and-Trade and the Obamacare power grabs are defeated, the angry question must always be asked – cui bono?

Remember that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention. Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman, “What kind of government have you given us?” Franklin responded with one of the most famous quotations in our history, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  It is not an exaggeration to say that we are in real danger of losing our republic if we ever stop asking questions – and demanding honest answers.

Is the 2,000 year old Latin phrase “Cui bono” simply an archaic usage?  No it isn’t.  In fact we should use it more and more often.  It has always been used to start a criminal investigation, and right now, seeing the path that we are being herded down, I have the feeling that we, and the republic that we love, are the targets of a crime spree that will make the doings of Al Capone (also from Chicago) make him look like Mother Theresa.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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