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Redrafting the 14th Amendment?

Liberal / Progressive / Democrats are not opposed to torture when it comes to the treatment of the English language. Continue reading

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Responding to Terrorism

The basic question in examining whether or not Major Hasan’s violence makes him a terrorist would be “What exactly is terrorism?” Many who read this will say that I’ve formulated a ridiculous question, since we all KNOW what terrorism is. Yep, we all do. All 300 million of us. And we have 300 million definitions. Continue reading

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Tea Parties on the March

This is a speech that I gave at the July 4th Tea Party in Fishkill, NY. Continue reading

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Wouldn’t this be the Perfect Image

Wouldn’t a photo of Homeland Security, ICE agents, and Mexican Federales preventing Arizona state troopers from deporting illegals have a chilling effect? Continue reading

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What Do Arizona’s Immigration Law and the Gulf Oil Spill Have in Common?

The Governors of the other 44 states (or 51 if you want to use Obama’s math) should take note of what is happening in Arizona and the Gulf states. Continue reading

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Are Environmentalists Racist?

These same environmentalists who are horrified if a sea gull is killed by an oil spill, are seemingly oblivious to the plight of Nigerian oil field workers. Continue reading

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Disturbing Parallels

All tyrannies treat those human beings who are not part of the self-proclaimed ruling class with contempt, and yet live with the fear that they will rise up to throw off their “masters.” Continue reading

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Leading Us Toward Violence

Under President Obama’s leadership, the growth of big government, and the replacement of a truly federal system of governance with one of unified command based in the Washington bureaucracies will almost inevitably lead to violence. Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

Why is it that (a) both sides seem to be acting like school children and (b) the LPDs seem more successful in upsetting the right than the right is at upsetting them? Continue reading

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The President versus the Rodeo Clown

You’d think that in a contest between the most powerful man in the free world, with the resources of the entire government of the United States of America against a self-proclaimed rodeo clown, well, there wouldn’t even BE a contest.  … Continue reading

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