Sticks and Stones

Even though the Liberal/Progressive/Democrats constantly rail against all “hate speech”, they seem to be defining it as disagreeing with them or questioning their narrative or motives.  But their sensitivity to such verbal disagreements never seems to dull their own version of “hate speech”, especially when it comes to dealing with the Tea Party movement.

Tea Party folks are called racist, sexist, homophobes, semi-literate cretins, rednecks, bigots, anti-Hispanic or even Nazis.  Many of those opposed to the LPDs respond with accusations of them being socialists, fascists, communists, kool-aid drinking drones, and so on.

Why is it that (a) both sides seem to be acting like school children and (b) the LPDs seem more successful in upsetting the right than the right is at upsetting them?

Perhaps because the LPDs don’t really believe in thinking (they are more of the “just-do-what-you’re-told” command and control school) they are unable to evolve beyond schoolyard taunts.  Reflexively the Resistance responds in kind.  Words versus words.

When one considers the “Nazi” label that the LPDs have hung around the necks of Tea Partiers and those others who question the wisdom of Obamacare, Cap-and-Tax, so-called Financial Reform, Immigration Amnesty and so on, perhaps the term Resistance, which originated in the same era as the term Nazi, would be the appropriate collective noun for citizens opposed to the Progressive agenda.

The major difference is that the LPDs make allegations that are patently false.  The vast majority of the Resistance are NOT racist, are NOT sexist, are NOT homophobic.  But there is no way for members of the Resistance to prove that, since you cannot logically prove a negative.  Members of the Resistance are disturbed, since the main stream media simply treats any lack of negative proof as positive proof that the Resistance is in fact racist, sexist, homophobic, and so on.  Of course if the main stream media thought it would give cover to the LPDs and their agenda, they would say that the earth is flat and that the “science is settled.”

When one is accused of something untrue, and no amount of explanation seems to offset the blatant lies being told, frustration mounts to higher and higher levels.

On the other hand, when accused of being socialists, communists and so on, the LPDs just sort of mentally shrug and essentially respond with “Yeah? So what’s your point?”

The difference in the response of the LPDs to accusations leveled by the Resistance is due to the fact that the accusations are largely true.  No one gets too upset when they are accused of something that is obvious to all observers.  Very rarely do you see any angst as a result be being accused of being a human being.

The Resistance has to learn that these accusations cannot be refuted logically.  They can only be demonstrated over time to be untrue.  And as the Resistance continues, the accusations and insinuations of the LPDs will have less and less influence.

In fact, this situation will become reminiscent of the Aesop fable about the boy who cried wolf.  The more the left makes baseless accusations, and the more the bulk of Americans fail to respond in the way the LPDs would like, the wilder and more absurd the allegations will become, until the accusers, the LPDs, become laughing stocks as soon as they open their mouths.

It appears that the solution is to treat any accusations from the LPDs as being beneath contempt.  That response works for them, so turnabout seems appropriate.  And, as a bonus, it might also be good for a laugh.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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