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Meg Whitman’s Missed Opportunity

A minor dustup in the California gubernatorial contest blew up in California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s face when either he or one of his staff referred to his opponent, Meg Whitman, as a “whore” during a conversation that was apparently … Continue reading

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NPR Makes a Bad Decision Worse

The imbroglio regarding the firing of FOX News contributor Juan Williams by National Public Radio over a statement he made on Fox’s “O’Reilly Factor” is a fantastic example of the left’s willingness to emulate Pickett’s Charge when it comes to … Continue reading

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So What Will We Do on November 3rd?

One of the potentially most seismic mid-term elections in living memory is rushing towards us with breathtaking speed. Not even the staunchest Democrat is asking “Will the Republicans be able to pick up any seats?” Republicans picking up seats is … Continue reading

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Whose Ox will be Gored?

A basic tenet common to the Tea Parties, Libertarians and conservatives of all types is the reduction of government spending with a view to the reduction of the national deficit and lowered tax rates going forward. There is not one … Continue reading

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Liberal Progressives are Stealing Our Language

When someone steals a credit card, what’s the big deal? Yes, technically it is a crime; but really, it’s just a piece of plastic, isn’t it? The theft of the card it what might be thought of as the “original” … Continue reading

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