Business is Evil Incarnate

Liberal/Progressive/Democrats regularly demonize business and the capitalist system as the incarnations of evil. Ordinary people, by whom they mean Democrat voters, are helpless in the face of the Machiavellian schemes and the deceitful practices of all businessmen. According to the LPDs, Republicans are deviously interwoven into the corrupt cabal that epitomizes the failed capitalist system that holds back so many worthy and deserving people. Business owners are, if not Satan himself, at the very least a close relative according to the meme that the LPDs spew constantly.

It kind of makes you wonder why the LPDs don’t pre-record most of this tripe, with blank spots where they can insert whatever the libel of the day should be.

There is almost no difference in the LPD rants against business in general, health insurers in the current healthcare debate climate, doctors who cut off feet to pad their bank accounts, pediatricians who slice open a kid’s throat to turn tonsils into 30 pieces of silver, bankers who seduce people into borrowing money from them for much more house than they can really afford, firearm manufacturers who promote violent assassinations of poor, aspiring illegal immigrants, or the makers of the Louisville Slugger for first killing trees, and then providing children with weapons of semi-mass destruction.

It must be tiring, if not exhausting, to have to write that kind of drivel constantly. How liberal bloggers and the likes of Rachel Maddow can do it day after day is constantly amazing.

The extreme left feels very comfortable blaming “business” or “capitalism” for the bad behavior of a few business executives. At the same time LPDs find it reprehensible (if not psychotically hateful) to use equivalent generalizations to blame all Muslims for the violent and deadly attacks of a few extremists. Once again the double standard used so frequently by the left rears its ugly head.

There is nothing inherently evil about business, capitalism, health insurers, or any of the other targets of LPD ire and venom.

The simple truth of the matter is that the LPDs live in some sort of fairytale world, and anything that doesn’t fit with their pastel rainbow beliefs must, inescapably, be evil. Apparently any request for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives, and accept that there are consequences for all the decisions that they, individually, might make in their personal lives is sufficient proof to those on the left the requester is soulless and evil. To the devout LPD, anyone that doesn’t parrot their philosophy obviously has a shrine consecrated to Vlad the Impaler somewhere in their basements, decorated with photos of Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon and George W. Bush adorning the walls.

Sadly, this view of business and capitalism, which includes things like an unreasoned belief that a person’s employer “owes” them healthcare, an unending number of sick or “personal” days off with pay, retirement at full pay with bi-monthly COLA adjustments after a mere 10 years on the job are inherent in the catechism of the liberal experts in academia and the MSM. Well, all that plus all employers should act exactly like mommy and daddy and care for every whim and desire of their employees.

This is directly mirrors the nonsense that kids have been taught since kindergarten by teachers steeped for years in a stew of progressive propaganda that teaches that no one needs to strive for achievement or reward, such things will be provided for you.

The impact of the Tea Party movement has been profound on a national level up to this point. One can only hope that it continues forward and that expands to concentrate on rectifying this preaching of fairy tales as facts (at least according to our President) by the educational establishment, the main stream media, and any LPD elected officials at the local levels who might like to keep their jobs after the next election cycle.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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