A Simple Solution to the Costs of Our Illegal Population

Much has been said about the excessive costs incurred by governments at all levels over the increased costs of healthcare, education, welfare and so on because of a growing population of illegal immigrants.

Our colleagues on the left have defended such spending on humanitarian grounds and the fairly vague concept of “fairness.”

Perhaps there is a way to provide government services to illegals that are equivalent to those native born citizens and those immigrants who have not yet been granted citizenship but who came to this country legally while not bankrupting states and municipalities.

A policy must be drafted (not negotiated, simply drafted) advising all other governments that henceforth any citizen of their respective nations will receive medical care and educational opportunities equal to any ordinary U.S. citizen.

However, the cost of such services will not be borne by the United States. Every single dollar expended on illegals will be billed to the parent country of such illegals. This would include the cost of incarceration for crimes committed within the jurisdiction of the United States, any of the several states, or any political subdivision of any of the several states.

Many will immediately assume that billing Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru or Jamaica for providing such services will result in exactly zero dollars being repaid to us. I have to agree wholeheartedly.

However, the United States has a means of extracting this money without resorting to import tariffs or seizing bank accounts or other (in the words that would be used by diplomats) “unfriendly” acts.

Quite simply, the United States would inform the non-paying nations that the foreign aid monies that are provided by the United States will be reduced by the amount that the United States spent to support their citizens. The State Department would use the monies withheld to fully compensate the states, counties, cities, towns, villages and hamlets of our country that are forced to raise taxes and fees for true citizens because of the population of illegals.

I would expect there will be howls of protest from the Democrats, RINOs and others with similar philosophical prejudices for “denying” foreign aid to our “closest allies.” Yet I don’t believe that many American voters, including the vast majority of legal immigrants, would object. Besides, the federal government is quite skilled at coercing behaviors that it favors by threatening to deny financial aid. Usually they threaten to deny aid to our own states, but they could learn to expand their horizons. They might ultimately apply the principle to things like the United Nations. One can only dream.

The current administration in Washington is offering very little in the way of reasons to smile at the current state of the world. However, listening to them try to defend bankrupting our states and cities to benefit those who have ignored our laws might be very entertaining. It might even keep us amused until the next elections!


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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