Are You Special?

Are some groups of people so special that they should receive preferential treatment?  Should some groups of people be financially supported by people that they don’t know, have never met and are not likely to encounter in the future, just because they’re special?  Should these groups of special folks have their commute to work every day be subsidized by others who get no subsidy?  If these groups of special people work for one organization, should they get a better package of wages and benefits than you do, and make you pay for it — even though you both do substantially the same thing every day?

Most would probably answer no that that question.  It flies in the face of the traditional American sense of independence and self-reliance.

Many would further argue that each individual is unique, and very few would disagree.  But if everyone is unique, and are expected to show independence and self-reliance, how can they be in need of special treatment when they are part of a group?   How can a gaggle of unique human beings, who have chosen a career, place to live, sexual orientation, or any one of a thousand other groupings be unique when they are alone, but “special” when viewed as part of their group?

Yet our Liberal/Progressive/Democrat colleagues would have us believe that each unique individual, each of whom deserves the utmost respect due solely to their uniqueness, in fact deserves different treatment from all of us if they are part of a group that shares a few, or even one, common trait.

LPDs will tell you, for example, that women, people of color, people who have migrated to American (among scores of other L/P/D defined groups) deserve to be treated as special because there was a time in this nation when they weren’t treated as well as white, male, heterosexuals, and who spoke English.

LPDs will point out that anyone who is a member of one of their pre-defined groups of unique individuals is, when viewed in aggregate, actually helpless and oppressed and desperately in need of special help.  Special advantages.  Special assistance.

On the face of it, the whole idea that there are groups (not individuals) who need special help from the nanny state is both ludicrous and insulting to the individuals who LPDs argue belong in these special little pre-defined groups.  How do LPDs group people?  Well, something like this:

If you are a school teacher, you are in a special group.

If you belong to a union, you are in a special group.

What if you are a union school teacher?  Then you are in a super-special group.

If you work for the Federal government, you are in a special group.

Work for a state government, or a county, town, village or hamlet?  You’re in a special group, similar to, but separate from the Federal government group.

If you have a different skin color, or speak with a different accent, or worship in a different way, you too are in a special group.

If you sleep with others of the same sex, you’re in a special group.  But if you sleep with members of the opposite sex, you’re not, unless of course you’re a member of Congress and the member of the opposite sex is not your spouse. Or is underage.  Or both.

Went to an Ivy League college?  Congratulations, you, too, are in a special group.  You may ask yourselves, what special assistance does an Ivy League graduate get?  Well, just off the top, job opportunities comes to mind.  Just look at Obama’s “czars” for evidence.

If you have chosen to live in a major city, for example New York, Chicago or San Francisco, are you part of a special group that needs nanny state assistance?  Of course you are.  If you live there, of your own free will, you can’t be expected to actually pay for the services that you demand, can you?

How about if you live in a place that used to be a major city and would like to be again, like Detroit?  Well, good for you.  You’re in a group that’s even more special than folks who live in cities that aren’t on the verge of economic implosion.

Do you find yourself excluded from one of the LPD special groups?  Don’t worry!  LPDs actually have a group just for you!  Anyone not in one of the LPDs favored groups will find themselves in a different pre-defined LPD group.  This other group is always defined  by LPDs as greedy, uncaring, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, isolationist bigots who should be forced to undergo sensitivity re-education while being taxed into poverty to pay for special programs to support the original special group.  In short, the rest of us.

Got all that?


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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