Is a Puzzlement!

In writing the lyrics for the musical The King and I, Oscar Hammerstein crafted a brilliant phrase to describe the mental gymnastics the King of Siam faced in dealing with the realities that he had to deal with every day that frequently flew in the face of his preconceptions.  The phrase, of course, was “Is a puzzlement!”

Looking at the continuing saga of Operation Fast and Furious, or as it is otherwise known, Project Gunrunner, it is apparent that Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and his House committee is faced with some significant puzzlements.

In essence, Operation Fast and Furious was initially described to Congressional investigators as a means of tracking guns purchased in the U.S. to the Mexican end users who were alleged to have ties to Mexican drug cartels.

No understandable explanation of exactly how the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) planned to track these weapons after they entered Mexico has ever been forthcoming.

No mention has ever been made public of what action or actions the ATF contemplated once the weapons reached the hands of the narco-terrorist drug cartels.

No acknowledgement was ever made of the fact that should such weapons be used in the commission of criminal acts within the sovereign nation of Mexico, ATF had absolutely no jurisdiction to do anything about it.  Such crimes would be a purely internal matter for the Mexican authorities.  Apparently no one in the U.S. government ever mentioned this program to the police authorities in Mexico itself, either.

Suspicions have surfaced that the turning of a blind eye by ATF agents toward massive gun purchases was not part of a plan to track weapons to Mexican drug cartels but rather to provide manufactured evidence for the need for stricter gun controls.  Those elements within the Liberal-Progressive-Democrat (L-P-D) ranks who have for years been desperately trying to eviscerate the Second Amendment apparently directed ATF agents to instruct licensed gun dealers to ignore the clear wording of the law and sell large numbers of guns that were destined for the Mexican drug cartels.

The resulting deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of Mexican citizens as well as American law enforcement agents would merely be considered collateral damage in the quest of the perfect, gun free, society.

Perhaps the fact that the ATF was unable to actually track the weapons in question once they crossed the border into Mexico might have fed this suspicion.  Perhaps it was the fact that ATF agents, the men and women in the trenches, objected to these sales and were overruled by their superiors might also have lent credibility to the suspicion.

Even if those particular suspicions are groundless, it is evident that the Obama administration was more than willing to put the lives of innocent Mexican citizens at risk to make a point.

Those speaking for Department of Justice (DOJ) and Attorney General Eric Holder, who oversees the ATF, have repeatedly told congressional investigators that they were unaware of the full import of Operation Fast and Furious and Project Gunrunner.

The President has let it be leaked that he had absolutely no knowledge of what should have been more properly titled Operation How-Dumb-Can-You-Possibly-Be.

Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, who has the primary responsibility for dealing with all foreign governments, has been conspicuously quiet about Operation Fast and Furious.  This deafening silence has thus far enabled her to avoid any risk of perjury by avoiding any claim of ignorance concerning the actions executed by the government that she represents which might be construed as arming insurgents who are attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government of an ally with whom we share a common border.

Naturally the L-P-Ds in Congress and the administration are anxious to avoid the appearance of ineptitude on the part of the DOJ or any senior political appointees.

They also want to insulate President Obama from any pushback that might result as a result of this program, particularly from the Hispanic community, with his re-election campaign getting into full swing.

Protecting the President from any adverse impact is critical to the L-P-Ds since Mr. Obama is relying on Hispanic voters to return him to the White House for another four years.

The government of the United States, dominated by Liberal-Progressive-Democrats, was willing, even eager, to allow firearms to be placed in the hands of extraordinarily violent criminals, who then used those weapons to murder the men, women and children of a neighboring, friendly nation.

L-P-Ds who historically have stated that even a single death from a firearm, even the death of a criminal, is one too many, have armed people who they knew (or at the very least should have known) would use those guns to kill anyone who stood in the way of their criminal activities, the families of those who hindered their criminal enterprises and even innocent bystanders who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And every one of the victims in Mexico was Hispanic.

The clamor over Operation Fast and Furious only became evident when a non-Hispanic, Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry, was killed by one of the weapons that the ATF, working under the direction of a person or person still to be identified, allowed to pass into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.  Agent Terry was killed inside the United States, indicating that the weapons had migrated back across the border.

Yet these same L-P-D ideologues will spend the next sixteen months, until the 2012 election, telling Hispanic voters that the Democrats are the party that Hispanics should support because only Democrats care about Hispanics.  And they will say it all with a perfectly straight face.

Arming narco-terrorists, with the certain knowledge that human beings will die, just to fulfill an ideological goal is not simple hypocrisy.  It can’t even be described as elaborate hypocrisy.  It is criminal conspiracy to commit homicide. To then tell the surviving relatives of the victims that they should reward you by re-electing you?  No single word exists to describe the incredible chutzpah for such dissimulation.

Hispanics across the country, whether here legally for a dozen generations, or recently arrived illegally from Mexico or Central America, should view Operation Fast and Furious as an object lesson about believing what you are told versus believing what you see with your own eyes.

After all, if you were Hispanic, how would you compare two political parties with differing approaches to what they feel is important?

One political party wants to utterly disregard the clear intent of the law and put more weapons in the hands of people who would murder your relatives, friends and former neighbors and doesn’t care how many are slaughtered like animals by criminals, simply to achieve an ideological goal that you may or may not share.

The other political party just wants to build a fence.

Which one do you think that you would support? Which would deserve to get your vote?


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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