What Impairment Do The Occupy Wall Street Types Suffer?

It’s sad, really, that the Occupy Wall Street rabble, along with so many other Liberal-Progressive-Democrat activists, seem to have a shared genetic defect.  The all seem to be missing their appreciation-for-irony gene.  Heartbreaking, isn’t it?  Perhaps we could do a telethon for them to fund research to see if this debilitating condition can be alleviated.

Any thinking person might ask, “What irony are they missing?”   The answer is simply that they are depending on the Constitution of the nation they constantly disparage in their nearly incoherent rants to protect their right to spew these very same rants.

The OWS crowd and the Liberal-Progressive-Democrats who support them (along with fellow believers in human emancipation from around the world such as liberal luminaries Kim Jong-Il, Hugo Chavez, Nancy Pelosi and too many to be listed here) defend passionately their “right” to free speech.   Yet, pathetically, these same OWS don’t see that without the Constitution, they would not have a right to free speech.

They also fail to appreciate the fact that many L-P-Ds and those international supporters they have an answer to the question “Replace the government of the United States with what?”   The answer for these groups is “nothing.”   Total anarchy, and the complete economic, military and societal impotency that is the handmaiden of anarchy, is the stated goal of many OWS supporters.

Any thinking conservative would join the OWS mob in an instant if there really was even the slightest threat to their free speech rights.  Conservatives would stand shoulder-to-shoulder (well, perhaps not that close, but pretty close. Well, they’d be in the same neighborhood) with these poor souls if their right to make complete and utter fools of themselves in public was endangered.

The OWS folks also seem confused by the passivity of the government in terms of opposing them.  They seem to labor under the misconception that the government hasn’t moved in with National Guard troops with automatic weapons blazing to remove them, killing dozens, if not scores, of their fellow protesters.  It must be really difficult for them to cope with their failure to be viewed as martyrs.  They just cannot see the irony in the complete disconnect between their view of themselves as heroically representing the so-called 99%, and the view of the true 99% who see them only as slobs, whiners and deadbeats who have been sheltered far too long by their parents from reality.  How ungrateful of us!

Neither can they see the irony in their complaints about being the victims of crime (the oldest and most direct form of income redistribution imaginable) while demanding that the wealth earned by others be stolen and redistributed.

The only thing that the OWS degenerates appear to be good for is providing proof positive that graduating from, or even just attending, an Ivy League “name” school will result in a massive reduction in cognitive ability.  In short, going to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton and the like will apparently turn your brain into biological Silly Putty.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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