The Real Goal in 2012

The 2012 election can not be allowed to be close.  Simply replacing Barack Obama is not enough.  Obama cannot just lose a close one.  He, and the political philosophy he represents, must suffer a humiliating defeat.

If he comes close to winning re-election, he will be blamed personally by the Liberal-Progressive-Democrats, but they will never see it as a repudiation of the progressive mindset, or the socialist agenda that they espouse.  They will tell themselves that their ideas are just fine, but that Obama was weak, or that he failed to convey the true picture of their socialistic utopia, or (given the mindset of these L-P-Ds) they might even blame global warming. But they will never, ever acknowledge that they are on the wrong track.

In addition to humiliating Obama, as delightful as that thought might be in and of itself, the Republican candidate must have long enough coat tails to shift substantially the balance in the Senate to the point that there are 62 or 63 Republican senators.  Additional Republican members of the House would be a bonus.  With a clear majority in the House and a super-majority in the Senate, the socialist nonsense, including Obamacare, the disastrous Keystone XL pipeline decision, the kid gloves treatment of rogue nations such as Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Venezuela would stop.

This must be the overarching goal of the 2012 elections for conservatives, independents, Republicans and those Democrats who in their heart-of-hearts know that the nation might not survive another term with this President.

If the L-P-Ds aren’t overwhelmingly defeated, they will keep coming back, like the character Jason in the movie Friday the 13th.  They must be effectively destroyed for at least a generation or we will be fighting the same fight again in four, eight or twelve years.  The L-P-D drive for totalitarian control will never die, but it can be made such a weak movement that if they try to run another Obama-like candidate, we can view it as we would the quaint peculiarities of a doddering uncle on your spouse’s side of the family.  Such people might be humored, but they are never taken seriously.  But you should always keep an eye on them.  Just in case.

No matter who the Republicans finally select as their nominee, he will assuredly be better for the United States than would another four years of Obama with his czars, executive orders, disdain for the Constitution and non-stop obeisance to dictators around the world. So whether or not you think that Romney isn’t conservative enough or that Santorum is too religious or Gingrich is too erratic, this is NOT the year when sitting out the election is an option.  Staying home because your particular choice isn’t running is not helping anyone or anything.  Just hold your nose if you have to, but vote, and work as hard as you can to get others who are uninvolved or apathetic to recognize the danger we face if Obama loses, but it’s a close election.  And keep reminding yourself of the immensely greater dangers that we’d have to deal with if he wins.



About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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3 Responses to The Real Goal in 2012

  1. Wow.

    And I love your final paragraph. Obama’s czars eh? You do realize Clinton had 8, which Bush increased to a record 33 (adding a record setting 25). Obama has added a whopping 5.
    And support of dictators? A category which the republicans win hand down- from reagan through bush jr we had Sir Hassanal Bolkiah in nicaragua, Vincio Cerezo and General Efrain Rios Mont of Guatemala, General Agusto Pinochet of Chile, Roberto Suazo Cordova of Honduras, Manuel Noriega in panamma, Sadam Hussein in irag, the afghan mujuahideen including Osama, turgut ozal in turkey, general samuel doe in Liberia, PW Botha in South Africa, general sitiveni rabuka of Fiji, Mohammed Ziz Ul-Haq of Pakistan, Ferdinand Marcos (and wife Ilmeda) of the Phillipines, …And I’m sure quite a few more I’m forgetting.

    And executive orders? Obama has done what- maybe 25% more then bush- who set the new standard in executives orders beating any previous president by several orders of magnitude. And if you discount the ones Obama signed to investigate interrogation techniques, look into Guantonomo bay, and remove Bush era secrecy, they are pretty well even.

    • Jim Yardley says:

      Thank you. I’ll give your disagreement a bit of thought, but thanks for (a) making sense and (b) not ranting about me personally.

      I can’t speak for other bloggers, but (b) means that an actual conversation could take place, even if neither of us convinces the other to change even in a small way.

      • And thank you. One of the things that has disappeared from our political system is just this- debate. Even if we don’t change each others views- maybe at the least we can both be less absolute in our beliefs. and do what has been what government leaders have done for centuries- compromise rather then saying “our way or the highway”.
        We, as are most all nations, a collection of people with vastly different experiences and beliefs.
        Hunter S Thompson- who was in my opinion a very interesting political writer, once said that he loved sitting down and drinking with (i think) Pat Buchanan- because while they may not change each others minds, they could honestly discuss things and maybe sow the seeds of doubt that kept them from being so absolute that they were right and the other was wrong.

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