What will Obama’s Rationale for His “Green Economy” be in November?

President Obama might have a problem (well, naturally there are a lot more than just one problem, but let’s just look at one, OK?) in his bid for re-coronation, er, election.  Obama has bet the farm on his Green Jobs / Green Economy initiatives in his first three and one-half years in office.

The justifications for these myriad programs encouraging wind power, solar power, algae power was that (a) America was running out of oil, (b) American oil companies, exemplified by BP – and don’t ask me to explain how British Petroleum exemplifies the worst in American oil companies – act irresponsibly and must be controlled ever more tightly and production (of the oil we’re running out of anyway) must be curtailed, and last but certainly not least, (c) Global Warming!  Of course this week it might be called Climate Change or whatever the environmental extremists think is the most effective label for terrorizing the average citizen.

Obama, ably aided by Lisa Jackson of the EPA, Ken Salazar of the Department of the Interior, NASA’s Dr. James Hansen, Nobel Laureate Stephen Chu, that well known and well respected scientist, Nancy Pelosi, have stated unequivocally that the globe is warming at an alarming rate and the end of society, perhaps even life as we know it, will occur in the near future.  Like maybe next Thursday.  Friday at the latest, for sure.

And all because we, as a species have used fossil fuels to advance economically to the point where we can afford to do things like pay for schools for our kids, pay for medical care for our elderly, travel where ever we want, when ever we choose, send ever larger numbers of our children to college to be indoctrinated, er, educated, and on and on and on.

But according to the President, and his merry band, all those things must adapt themselves to “renewable” energy.  Except nuclear or hydro-electric dams.  Those two forms of renewables, with long histories of successful power generation for the nation, and large swaths of the planet as a whole, are off limits.  Nuclear because it’s, well, nuclear!  It’s just a huge hydrogen bomb waiting to destroy us.  Why can’t you people understand that?  And hydro-electric dams?  Well that might interfere with the sex lives of two inch long fish that only seven ichthyologists can name, and four of them still have to look up how to spell the fish’s name if asked about it.

So we are told that we must vote for the President this November because those evil, uncaring, unfeeling, gun-toting, religious fanatics (which is of course to say, Republicans) won’t do anything to save the planet from this onrushing disaster.

Is everyone clear on the narrative now?  Good.

There’s just one tiny problem.

While we are told that government will save us all from this new reality, within the last month the British meteorological office issued a statement that said there has been no increase in global temperatures for 15 years.  So much for global warming. And therefore, so much for the need for green energy, flammable battery cars, naval vessels powered by fairy dust, mercury filled light bulbs that the general public hate, or any of the other nonsense that the Liberal-Progressive-Democrat collective and Obama have been ramming down our collective throats.

Oops.  I guess the emperor really is buck naked.  No global warming?  Then what will Obama do to convince us his narrative of “Trust me, and do what you’re told.  Pay more taxes.  Give up your cars and invest in bicycles. Because if you don’t, you will die from heat prostration and dehydration because the Earth is heating up to the point where the Statue of Liberty is going to melt down into a puddle of copper.”

Once people notice that it’s been a bit on the chilly side are they going to buy this rationale for the repeated attempts at totalitarian control of the country originating in the White House?

So, Mr. Obama, since your first fairy tale is being recognized for what it is, what sequel do you think you can create to replace that first one you came up with?  Do you think you actually can create one, or are you just going to call out those who have dismissed the myth of global warming with a mature, intelligent and highly nuanced response…something along the lines of “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!”



About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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