Random Thoughts

As thoughts run (or perhaps stumble would be a more accurate characterization) I write them down.  I usually think to myself “Hmmm, this might be good for an article”.  But it isn’t always.  Sometimes it’s just an interesting thought.  So I decided to share some of these thoughts with my blog readers.


 When Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, idiots (am I repeating myself?) try their best to ignore the Constitution they often say things like “But the Nation needs this law”, and they (for the sake of argument only) might actually be right.  Perhaps the nation actually does need whatever law it is that they are proposing.  But that pesky constitution gets in their way, so they throw up their hands, and try to sneak the law through by insisting that the country needs it and that anyone who opposes them doesn’t care, or is racist, or is homophobic, or xenophobic, or sexist or some other sort of smear related word.

Perhaps they should try reading the constitution.  There’s a method contained therein that would solve their problem completely.  It’s explained in Article V which describes the relatively simple mechanics of amending the constitution.

Why don’t they try doing it legally?  Are they lazy?  Are they unsure that what they want would pass the legislatures of 34 of the states?  I’m just asking.


Secession is a word not often used since the Civil War, or as a friend of mine who lives south of the Mason-Dixon line prefers it, the “War of Northern Aggression” or with more gentility, “The Recent Unpleasantness”.  However, there are occasional rumbles about one section of a state seceding from another part of the same state.  California comes to mind, where it is clear that Northern California and Southern California have wide differences in temperament, economics, lifestyles, and so on, yet are forced to live under common laws that one side or the other will hate.  But when the idea of splitting the state formally into two separate political entities is mentioned, everyone in government blanches, or to use another of my favorite southern euphemisms “suffers from the vapors.”

I have to ask why?  If it makes sense to break up a state so that everyone gets the local government that they want, what is the problem?    In fact, I would go further.  If a certain segment of a state is so different, and annoying, that it constitutes a positive irritant to the other, larger segments of a state that people are emigrating out of state “A” into another state, why not sever the offending portion of the state and let them do their own thing as a stand alone entity.  Chicago comes to mind, as does San Francisco, New York City, Detroit, and a few others.


About 250 years ago, a group of assorted malcontents got together because they had a shared idea that they shouldn’t be ruled by a power in a distant place, who cared nothing for their well-being, and only viewed them as serfs who were to wrest wealth in many forms from the land they were occupying for the benefit of those very same distant rulers.

Today, we are faced with an almost identical scenario.  In this case, though, it’s not George III sitting on the throne of England, but Ban Ki Moon sitting in his office at the United Nations building.


What happens ( after Obama is thrown out of office) to all the Predator drones that aren’t going to be used?  Will they be available in Army-Navy surplus outlets?  If they are, and you can just go get one of your own, it might make the whole Hatfield/McCoy feud look remarkably quaint, wouldn’t it?


 If Mr. Obama wants to see a living, breathing, and effective example of how capitalism works, he need only sign on to Angie’s list on his computer.

There has long been a creed in business that if you, as the business, do a good job for your customer, that customer will tell two other people, who themselves are potential customers.  On the other hand, if you provide shabby products or lousy service, that same customer will tell not only two of his or her friends, but 10 other people who might even be total strangers.  If the shabby work continues, you’re out of business.  If the good work continues, you’ll grow and be profitable.

Angie’s List changes the dynamic.  Instead of a ration of 2 to 10, it’s now a ratio of 2 to 50,000.   And that, Mr. Obama, is why capitalism works.  Word of mouth.  Not government controlled media, not legislation, not Progressive nanny-state coercion, just word of mouth by ordinary people.


 Bill Clinton commented that if the Osama bin Laden raid had failed, it would have been bad for Obama.

Everyone expressed shock that he would say such a thing.  Why?

Bill Clinton is arguably the smartest individual to serve as President in the 20th Century.  He’s a Rhodes scholar, which unlike a Nobel Peace Prize which is simply awarded, the Rhodes scholarship must actually be earned.  He is a masterful politician.  He didn’t earn the sobriquet “Slick Willie” by bathing himself in Wesson oil.

So I find it unlikely to the point of impossible that Bill Clinton simply misspoke.


I was watching a recent National Geographic channel special about the discovery, in Russia, of bones that are from a new, previously unknown, third type of hominid other than Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens.  These bones yielded some usable DNA, and that discovery allowed researchers to test DNA sampled from around the world to see if there had been any interbreeding between this newly discovered subgroup of humans and either Neanderthals or Homo Sapiens.

This search and the comparison of fossil hominid teeth found at the Russian site lead to interviews with scientists from Russia, China, France, Belgium and a smattering of other nations who expressed their delight in this new discovery, and their views as to what their next steps might be.  The thing that struck me was that every one of these scientists communicated with the viewers, and each other, in English.

I have believed that English has been (for at least the past sixty to seventy years) the world’s contemporary version of Latin.  It is the common tongue of educated people all over the world.  Why then are we insisting that we have to teach Spanish in our schools?


Progressives, in general, have junior varsity quality intellects, they have junior varsity level skills, they have junior varsity caliber social skills.  On the other hand, they have Olympian level egos.


The reason that politicians love the teacher’s unions is that they adore the concept of lifetime tenure.  Politicians just want it for themselves, as well.


I want this blog to be a forum to discuss the issues of the day (or week, month, year…whatever).  But you, my friends, need to respond.  A discussion where only one person is speaking is not really a conversation; it’s merely a lecture…or worse, it’s a sermon. 

Please feel free to use the comments section or even rate this particular blog entry.  I can’t improve my ability to communicate without honest critiques, and only the reader can note where I might have communicated more clearly or where I should have expanded the ideas. I will even admit (in the theoretical sense, anyway) that it might be possible that I might be wrong about something.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join the conversation.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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3 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. Cecy says:

    try to publish frequently, i will be very pleased.

  2. a harrison says:

    All your “random thoughts”
    Are good enough to explore
    In a full article

    Seccession : its actually a good idea for california ! Its not a defence/national thing and califrnia is huge

    I think a referendum is needee

    Also the narcissism of obama which makes him criminally intent on many issues

    Fast a furious and obamacare as wells as arizona (not to mention the fact that he is not eligible on many points )

    The disgrace is on voters who still don’t let normal people get him indicted

  3. Morton Peet II says:

    I enjoyed ‘Random Thoughts’ a great deal. Probably because they were thought provoking as opposed to thought shaping. I have fairly strong opinions, both pro and con, on the question of the feasibility of effectively presenting educational material in a bi-lingual format. Like the quality of the literature that has suffered many translations, educational material would assuredly suffer. It would suffer both at the level of recipient (student) and more importantly at the level of presentation (instructor). A classic “lose – lose” situation. Think…”lost in translation”. Keep it coming Jim, I like your style.

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