Who Should Be Responsible? America or Mexico?

The continuing drain on America’s resources for the benefit of non-Americans presents, I believe, a national crisis.  With national debt now at the $15 trillion level, it is reasonable to view such expenditures for the health and education of people who are not U.S. citizens, and are not even in this country legally, as a threat to the national security of the United States of America.

The proposed “Dream Act” or Obama’s executive order which creates a sort of “Dream Act-lite” is being resisted by a lot of rational people.  But consider this relatively simple idea.  When an person is in this country illegally, regardless of how old they were when they came across the border, and they utilize government funds to do anything, such as getting an education, receiving medical care, and so on, the simplest solution, in my mind, would just be to send a bill to Mexico for the cost of said education and/or medical care.  No muss, no fuss.

America would then simply be a sub-contractor to the Mexican government. Such an arrangement would not provide a “path to citizenship” any more than getting your car serviced would offer a “path to ownership” of the car dealer who did the work.

Should the individual not be a Mexican citizen, Mexico can feel free to send a bill to the actual country of origin of the particular illegal alien in question for what Mexico had to pay to the United States (plus a handling and service charge for their trouble, of course).

The United States is in no way responsible for the costs of caring for someone who is effectively guilty of breaking and entering, which regardless of what Obama and Holder believe, is actually a criminal act.  Obama, by demanding that we pay for education, health care, housing subsidies, in school lunch programs and so on, is acting as an accomplice to the crime of theft of services, just like someone who ties into electric lines or tries to get “free” TV by tapping a cable line.  America is not morally obligated to provide the children of such illegal aliens an education.  Education is generally acknowledged to be the responsibility of the government of which the individual is a citizen.

Because of the American character though, no person, regardless of nationality or the legality of their presence in the United States will ever be turned away or denied need health care if they are ill.  But the cost of providing that health care should not be borne by the citizens of the United States.  Like education, health care should be, and is, the responsibility of the government of the country of origin of those illegals.

If Mexico refuses to honor such a bill, then we could declare war on Mexico and take over their oil fields to pay the costs for caring for their citizens.  While some would see that as a rather extreme solution (and in fact I would have to agree, it is pretty extreme), there actually is a historical precedent.  José Doroteo Arango Arámbula was a criminal who illegally entered America, robbed American banks and murdered American citizens. This gentleman is better known as Pancho Villa. And what was the result of this invasion?  Why the result was the 1917 invasion of Mexico led by General Pershing. Perhaps the Mexican government has forgotten that minor historical episode, but I sort of doubt that.

Congress could declare all revenues for American firms who have set up factories in Mexico to be immediately subject to taxation at something over 50%.  Make the tax high enough to encourage those companies to cross back over the border.  That will assuredly cut off a source of revenue for the Mexican government.

The President (and I mean the next one, since the one we have now would never do anything of the kind) could use his bully pulpit to encourage Americans to vacation somewhere other than Mexico, like say, Costa Rica, or Honduras or anywhere in the Caribbean.  Another source of funds supporting the Mexican government would dry up.

In addition, if an employer is found guilty of hiring anyone in this country illegally, the fine should be calculated as a multiple of the money the employer saved versus what they would have had to pay a person in the country legally.  It should be a fine that would be a lot more than a slap on the wrist, and one that would act as a warning of the dangers to others contemplating hiring illegals.

For example, if the National Widget Company hires 20 illegals, and pays them $4.00 an hour to do a job that they would have to pay a legal resident/citizen $10.00 per hour, and they do this for a year, they would have paid out wages for the 20 illegals of $160,000 for a full year.

Had they hired 20 people in this country legally at $10.00 per hour it would have cost them $400,000, so they saved $240,000.  I would suggest a fine of 25 times that saving, or $6,000,000.  I believe that would definitely act as a disincentive.

Once the illegal community realizes that the potential cost for hiring them will destroy any firm that does so, and they realize that job offers at any pay level are going to vanish, there will be no further incentive for them to stay in this country illegally.

At some point the government of Mexico has to react with an “Ouch!” moment.  Since many illegals would have no incentive to stay in the U.S., many would return across the border adding even more to Mexico’s financial burdens.  Then, perhaps, the Mexican government will react as a classic capitalist would.  They might do a cost-benefit analysis and realize that the non-payment of a bill for services provided to their citizens will effectively drive them into bankruptcy.

Yes, we would still have some millions of illegal (or perhaps we should then call them semi-legal) aliens in the country, but our resources would no longer be squandered to help some other nation’s citizens.


Before you crank up your trusty word processing software, my friends, you might want to review the concept of satire.  Not one idea in this essay stands a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming to fruition.  You know that, I know that, but I was sort of hoping it would trigger off the synapses of anyone who reads it, and they might offer other ideas.  There must be a solution out there, we just need to stumble over it.

Jim Yardley




About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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