Picking the Wrong Opponent

In addition to the many, many, MANY mistakes that our President has made in the past 3-1/2 years, taking on the Catholic Church over contraception mandates in his health care bill has to be one of the biggest “Oops” moments that has ever came to pass in the District of Columbia.  And winning a contest that pits ordinary political idiocies against each other (or even coming in a close second in such a contest) really makes it an accomplishment when you consider all the incredible stupidities that politicians of all political persuasions have committed over the years.

Over the past 2,000 years, any time the Church has been persecuted, it has grown stronger.  Its adherents become more devout, more devoted, more protective.  If the “smartest guy in the room” really WAS the smartest guy in the room, he ought to know that.

And if he actually had learned anything during his sojourn in the series of fancy educational institutions that he attended, he would only need to look at Poland and the strength of the Catholic Church when the Poles were being oppressed by the Communists.  Polish Catholics, aided by the moral stature of a Polish Pope, caused the downfall of a government.  That, by the way, was a hint, Mr. President.

And this is not to single out the Catholic Church for special praise.

Every religion has reacted the same way to persecution.  Look at what the Puritans were willing to do to practice their religion in their own way.  They abandoned their homes, moved by a rather risky means of transport to an unknown land, and wrested a meager living from the land they settled on.

In 1846, about 70,000 Mormons trekked across the plains in covered wagons to find a place where they could worship in their own way without interference from the government.  Imagine, traveling for weeks or months in hot, dry, dusty conditions simply because you weren’t willing to be “reasonable, flexible or be willing to compromise” on the matter of your faith.  To put what they went through in their travels in perspective, today you can hear people complain when all they have to endure is a one hour layover in Chicago.

Yeah, today’s “rugged” pioneers would have been a lot fun on a wagon train, I’m sure.

Consider the Jews, who have been persecuted for millennia.  Think of Masada.  Think of the resolve of current day Israel to any attempt to destroy it.

Regardless of the sect, is taking on organized religion really a good idea, Mr. Obama?

For all those who are non-Catholics and who wonder why the Catholic Church can’t be more “reasonable, flexible or be willing to compromise” with regard to the Obama/Sebelius requirement that the church provide contraceptive services to all their employees.  Could it be that their denomination preaches that contraception is just fine?  Well, no one is going to tell them that it’s wrong are they?  Oh, no!  It’s politically correct, so just go with the flow.

How about this question though.  Suppose Obama and company decide to mandate that any and all churches provide weddings for same-sex couples?  Would that be OK, too?  No? Well you just have to be “reasonable, flexible or be willing to compromise”, right?  After all, marriage is now a civil right.  OK, all you priests, ministers and rabbis, you’d better start rehearsing how you’re going to say “I now pronounce you – husband and husband?  Wife and wife?  Partner and partner?”  Perhaps the administration will provide you all with a politically acceptable script to use.  Won’t that be nice?

What if the Department of Health and Human Services mandated that all pregnant women have their fetus tested by amniocenteses before the end of the first trimester?  Suppose further that HHS decreed that if any genetic abnormality was found as a result of these genetic tests, the mother must terminate the pregnancy immediately?  In other words, abortion in that case would be required, it would be mandated.  Is that OK?  I mean it would reduce medical costs in the future, right?  The collective would benefit.  You just have to be “reasonable, flexible or be willing to compromise”.

Since every church I know, or have ever attended or even heard of, has a collection during services, what is to prevent Obama from demanding 10% of that tithe?  It’s only fair.  It would mean that God would be paying his fair share, right?  I’m pretty sure he’d quote that part of the Bible about “render unto Caesar” to justify it, too.

Every bishop, rabbi, pastor and minister should think about what is being done between now and November 6th, and ask themselves, what else can this administration come up with that violates the First Amendment.  Then ask yourselves just what will you do about it.  Unless of course you are a Muslim.  Then, under Obamacare, you get a pass on this particular problem, since their religious liberty is endangered by forcing them to acquire insurance.

Two hundred and thirty-six years ago Americans fought and died for their right to practice their religion freely, or not practice any religion at all for that matter.  What are you now willing to do to keep that same freedom today?


This essay was originally published at American Thinker.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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