Just Helping Our President

Our poor, poor President seemed somewhat melancholy at his recent “impromptu” press conference the other day.  Even when pro-Obama journalists lobbed (what appeared to me) softball questions our President still seemed depressed.

This demeanor was evident even when journalists avoided certain Republican inspired subjects, like jobs, the economy, jobs, the Fast and Furious scandal, jobs, the Keystone XL Pipeline, jobs, the national debt, jobs, the impending end of the Bush tax cuts in January, jobs and so on.

When you consider the hurdles the man faces in trying to hold on to his job, you can understand why he might seem a bit less enthused than he usually is, of course.

I know what I’m going to do to buck up his spirits, though.  On October 1st I’m going to drop him a letter illustrating our commitment to him.  I’m going to go down to K-Mart or Walmart or some similar store and get one of those cute little over-perfumed evergreen tree auto air fresheners, and mail it to him


I mean, after all, it is green isn’t it?  It would show how much I endorse his “green jobs” initiatives, so that shows support.  Of course I worry that just popping it in an envelope an asking the USPS to deliver it (before the election) doesn’t mean he might be out of town or something.  It might arrive at a time when he’s too busy to open it himself, and his staff might not understand the message I’m sending.  So I’m going to write in BOLD LETTERS across the back of the envelope:

“Use this to mask the stench of corruption in your administration!”

I think if any of you feel as strongly about Barack Hussein Obama as I do, I’m sure he’d really appreciate you sending one along, too.  On October 1st.  If they could all get to the White House about the same time, I’m sure that his mood would really change, don’t you?

You might even want to send this along to all your friends and have them join in!



About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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