Yet More Random Thoughts

During the days of the Roman Emperors, there was a slave who had only one task.  This slave rode next to the Emperor as he toured in his chariot, or sailed on his galley, or visited the Roman Senate.  The task?  The slave had to continually whisper in the ear of the Emperor something like “Look, you are not a god!  You put your pants on one leg at a time!”

Of course they used togas back then, but you get the idea.

Maybe we need the same sort of position in the White House.


While most Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party folk, and libertarians are positively giddy at the prospect of replacing Barack Obama, we should keep in mind that defeating President Obama will have one unfortunate consequence.  He will never shut up.  Ever.

Jimmy Carter never shuts up.  Bill Clinton never shuts up.  George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush both quietly retired from public life and public utterances, but not the living Democrat ex-presidents.

On the bright side, however, it is highly likely that no one will ever have to listen to a Joe Biden speech again.

Well I guess you have to take the little joys that come your way, and cherish them.


Harry Brock is the name of the evil character in the movie and stage play Born Yesterday who’s most memorable line is “Do what I’m tellin’ ya!”  His whole attitude is that he is so important, so powerful, that he can’t comprehend why anyone could possibly not do what he has told them to do.

Maybe it’s just me, but he sounds a lot like Obama, Mickey Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, and other Progressives.


For those of you who think Obama is doing just great in the area of foreign affairs, you might be right.  But the only way you can be right is to compare him to Jimmy Carter.  Carter presided over the 444 day imprisonment of our diplomats in Teheran.  Jimmy Carter tried to rescue them, but tried to do it on the cheap and failed.

But the minute Ronald Reagan was inaugurated the mullahs in Iran basically said “Oops!  Only kidding.  You can have your people back.  They’re getting on planes in just a few hours.” Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The Iranians knew that they could walk all over Jimmy Carter and he would just cave in to it.  Ronald Reagan?  They didn’t want to test a movie actor with very little practical experience in foreign affairs.  Now how humiliating is that for Carter?  Carter was a naval officer, he had been POTUS for a while when the Iranians took over our embassy, yet the Iranians were more worried about an ex-Hollywood actor.

President Obama claims to have the foreign affairs expertise that Mitt Romney is missing, yet the Iranians blithely ignore his threats.  As do the North Koreans, Hugo Chavez, Bashir al Assad and a host of others.  But Mitt Romney?  I don’t know.  He has a 30+ year relationship with Netanyahu, and the Iranians know that.  Do you think given the choice that they would prefer Romney or Obama?


In engineering terms, electrical resistance is symbolized this way:


I kind of like it.  Too bad we can’t convince people to adopt it as the symbol for Electoral Resistance.


If Obama insinuates Sharia Law into the US, would that mean that capital punishment would make a comeback?  If they can stone a woman to death for merely being accused of adultery, can you imagine the painful death that would be imposed on those degenerates who thought that they could get away with the abomination of jay-walking?


Obama reveals every single day that he is not an American.

Oh, don’t start with me about being a birther.  I’ll stipulate that he is a citizen and that he was actually delivered from the womb of Stanley Ann Dunham in a hospital somewhere in the United States.  But that does NOT make him an American.

A person does not become an American simply because of the location of his or her birth.

A person does not become an American because of the citizenship of his or her biological parents.

A person becomes an American by growing up in America, doing the things that all Americans do, such as going to the movies with your friends and seeing a horror film on a Saturday afternoon (which has been paid for by Mom because she needs some peaceful, quiet time for herself).

A person becomes an American by playing Little League baseball, joining the Boy Scouts and going camping, or joining the Girl Scouts and annoying you neighbors by guilting them into buying your cookies.

For many boys, it involves the acute embarrassment of asking your first girl to dance.

For many girls, it involves the mindless fear of no one asking you to the prom.

It’s an accumulation of thousands upon thousands of things that shape an American.  Things you can not get when you grow up in a foreign nation and you are raised by a parent who is an ideological zealot, for whom ideology triumphs over all other considerations.



About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to Yet More Random Thoughts

  1. a harrison says:


    I concur on all points

    May God bless America soon and give Romney the strength to overcome massive obstacles to sanity and survival of all those seeking life and happiness

    Hard work first as the real damage is assessed bu all in aftermath of obama evacuation
    He must be indicted and charged

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