A Speech I Would Have Liked to Hear

The thought occurs to me that President Obama, in his speech at the United Nations (that he was able to squeeze in to his hectic schedule between appearances on the View and Letterman) should not have apologized for a possibly non-existent video which allegedly mocked the prophet Mohammed and lead to vicious mob violence.

Rather he should have simply asked the assembled diplomats seated before him if they really felt that uncontrolled violence was acceptable for any reason.

Then he should have pointed out that they were all diplomats exactly like our people in Cairo and Benghazi and were not in their native countries just as our diplomats were not in theirs.

Then he should have simply asked, “Do you feel at all threatened when you walk the streets of New York?  Would you feel secure if the American police officers guarding your embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions where to ‘melt away’ and leave you unguarded, as happened in Benghazi?  How secure would you feel if Americans lost control of their righteous anger over the sacking of the U.S. embassy in Cairo or the brutal, savage and barbaric acts of Libyans in Benghazi were mirrored here in New York? If you support the behavior of mobs or unsupervised and out of control militias in your own countries, you should feel perfectly comfortable when we provide our own mobs, shouldn’t you?  It should make you feel right at home.”

“I hope each of you understands that any failure to protect our ambassadors and our accredited diplomatic staffs by your nations makes any effort we make to protect you and your staffs more difficult if not impossible.  It would be a shame if there was serious damage done to your diplomatic missions, or even the loss of lives. Your lives.”

Of course this is merely wishful thinking, I know.  These are words you would never hear from President Apology.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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