Reach Out? Or Divide and Conquer?

Republicans constantly agonize over ways to “reach out” to minority populations, hoping to undercut the massive advantage that Democrats have in minority voter registration and the turnout of minority votes.

Republicans, in their dismal efforts to entice more minorities to support them, preach constantly that they are offering “opportunity” based on self-reliance and ambition. Great. Wonderful. Terrific. Is that selling really well? Really?

Perhaps Republicans should consider spending less effort trying to coax minorities into the Republican camp and spending more trying to fragment the coalition that Democrats find so helpful in getting elected and re-elected.

For example, President Obama’s desire to implement the DREAM Act would afford the children of Hispanics (who are in our nation illegally, although admittedly not by their own choice) a path to citizenship, by requiring that they get a college degree or, alternatively, serve in the military.

However, if Obama and the Democrats get their way, the military option will be unavailable because of significant cuts to the Defense Department budget, which has long been a target of leftists. (Even if there were some slots open in the military, as veterans they would be considered potential terrorists by Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security, so perhaps the military option might not be so attractive.)

So Obama will have left only one path open to those who are supposed to be helped by the DREAM Act. They are individuals who illegally entered this country because there were fewer job opportunities in their native lands than there were in the United States.

Apparently we are supposed to provide elementary and secondary education free of charge, and then, via the DREAM Act, we would subsidize these people so that they can get a degree and hopefully a marketable skill.

One has to wonder what makes Obama so sure that they would remain in the U.S. and loyally vote Democrat?

Armed with a degree from an American university, the employment options in their native countries should be much more significant, shouldn’t they? Then, armed with that brand new degree from an American university, there is a good chance that they would return from whence they came, and pay taxes there not here.

Doesn’t that seem waste of the very limited resources and funds of this nation? Those who are here illegally get a degree on our dime and America gets what? Nothing?

Republicans should broadcast loudly that the president is planning to give this kind of special treatment to illegals, yet he isn’t planning anything to benefit our black, Asian, or Native American populations unless they, too, are here illegally.

African-Americans should be made aware that they are viewed by Democrats as a shrinking percentage of the total population, and as that percentage gets smaller and smaller, the Democrats are effectively “writing them off” as no longer being necessary to maintain a working Democrat majority in the country.

To phrase that another way, the Democratic Party appears to be “writing off” blacks in exactly the same way that they wrote off white, blue collar male voters for the 2012 election. Hispanics are the most rapidly growing demographic in the country today, and they are now replacing blacks as the minority that is essential to the Democrats.

Republicans should ask the African-American community: “So, how does it feel to depend on the ‘Love ‘em and leave ‘em’ Democrats?”

What Republicans should be talking about is the continued assault by the Democrats on any opportunities that these same minority groups have that in reality prevent them from leaving the Democrat Party “plantation”.

The Democrats support sub-standard education for minorities in preference for maintaining their support from the teacher unions and the massive campaign donations from those teachers. Again the question should be asked of black leaders: “Do you think that’s a good deal for you? Without a good education, job opportunities are limited. Without those job opportunities, incomes of your constituents will always be below the national average and unemployment will always be higher than the rest of the nation. Without good, well-paying jobs, what opportunities do you really have?”

For years Democrats have demagogued minorities with the idea that without the Democrats these minorities would be ground down by whites, bankers, capitalists, and so on. So Republicans must ask these minorities “Are you better off now? Have you developed a lot more self-respect from all that Democrat help? Are you starting your own businesses and investing in your own futures? Exactly how have the Democrats ‘helped’ you?”

Republicans and allied groups have to stop trying to “explain” how lower taxes foster growth, reduce unemployment, increase personal opportunities, and on and on and on. What they need to do is simply and clearly list what taxes the average citizen is currently paying.

Federal income tax, state income tax, in some cases city income tax, state and local sales taxes, gasoline taxes, taxes on telephones, taxes on cable TV, excise taxes when you buy tires for your car, indirect taxes paid whenever you buy anything. A total of five trillion dollars in taxes each and every year is collected by all levels of government. They should emphasize that other than state and federal income taxes, the poor pay exactly the same taxes as the wealthy when it comes to sales tax, gas tax, cable tax and all the rest. The question then becomes, exactly what are they, personally getting from those taxes?

Questions such as:
“How are the potholes in the roads? All fixed? Do you have enough traffic lights in your neighborhood to keep you safe?”
“How is the quality of your water? Never have a problem? Sewer system and storm drains working perfectly?”
“Do you feel safer thanks to public employees? Not just cops and firemen, but the innumerable inspectors, advisors, consultants, planners, administrators, deputy administrators, assistant deputy administrators, and their staffs. Are they all making your life better, easier, safer, more fulfilling? Are they working for the same wages you are?”
“Are your kids doing better in school?”
“After you pay all those taxes, how much is left over for you to invest in a new home, in a better school district? Did the Democrats leave you enough after taxes to start thinking about starting your own business so you can become one of the 1% yourself?”

Each and every one of these questions should be asked with a tone of commiseration and confusion. Sort of a “Hey, it doesn’t make any sense to us either, but that’s what Obama and his supporters seem to want.”

Then challenge the Democrats to explain exactly what the people who are being taxed to death are getting back for all that money and all the support that is demanded of them. Challenge Democrats to explain why they want to help those who entered illegally and not offer the same things to native born Americans. And while they’re at it, Republicans should challenge Democrats to explain how they plan to pay for all this largesse, especially since they already waste so much of the tax dollars that even minorities have to pay.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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