So, the NSA Snoops Don’t Stifle Dissent, Do They?

I just wandered out to the mailbox to check our mail, and right on top was a letter from the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Normally, I would have looked at it and thought, “What did those idiots screw up now?”  But today, my thought was more like, “Crap.  These clowns got my name from the NSA/IRS/DOJ or a yet to be identified government-related criminal cabal (DHS, maybe?) and I’m about to be audited!”

Ask yourself how YOU would have reacted, even if you didn’t have several years worth of articles slamming the government, Barack Obama and his band of Chicago thugs, the idiots who we elected to Congress, and others.   Seriously, these latest scandals have apparently impacted me on a subconscious level.  It’s not going to change what I write because, as my beautiful bride tells me again and again, “Jim, have you ever, I mean ever, worried where the chips might fall?”

Of course, my response is pretty much constant — “Chips?  What chips?”

But none the less, even someone as pig-headed as I can be, there is an effect of these scandals and the erosion of liberties in this country.

Anyone have any ideas how to rid ourselves of these parasites who call themselves our government?

Oh, by the way, it was only a tax refund check that had a few bucks docked from the amount that was on our tax return.  Even so, there was still that impact.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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