A Huge Thank You … To All The Trolls Out There

A couple of days ago American Thinker was good enough to make room for one of my articles, Is Obama ‘Insuring’ Softball Questions?  There were a fair number of comments from AT’s readers, including more than a few from those people that almost everyone recognizes and labels as a “troll”, someone who really only comments to (a) hear themselves spout off, (b) try to derail an honest discussion of the issue that was the subject of the article, or (c) making personal attacks to undermine the credibility of the author.

A comment from someone who self identifies as “Chris” chimed in with:

“Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck are con men playing on the paranoid bigoted fears of white conservatives. They don’t even believe the garbage they spew, but each one is a multi millionaire thanks to you gullible fools.”  (Oddly, the article never referred to either Limbaugh, Hannity or Beck.)

A fellow traveler of “Chris”, who identified himself only as “Tom2016” chimed in with:

“I thought the whole article was complete nonsense. It’s revealing to see how racist think. The world sees your party for what it is, anti Black, anti Latino anti Poor, anti Women. Go Hillary 2016!”  (Personally I was relieved that his moniker was based on his support for Hillary in 2016.  At first I was afraid that it meant there were 2,015 more like him.)

He follows that jewel (attacking another commenter) with:

“I can only go by some of the comments you’ve written to this article. And from that, I conclude that you are a very deranged individual. As far as the GOP go’s (sic), they need to sober up because they’re drunk on stupidity. But knowing your mindset, you probably thought I was talking about alcohol.”  (Language, grammar and logic are qualities that expose a person’s  intellect to the world. I wonder what this exposure was supposed to show.)

I’m not trying to pick on these two individuals, but I’m sure that every AT author, as well as every other author who contributes to the dozens of fine, thought-provoking sites that try to examine the issues that affect the nation, are annoyed by these denizens who contribute nothing except distraction.

When they arrive, and contribute nothing but trash talk, perhaps the very best way to respond is to ignore them.  If they are ignored, eventually they will leave, allowing serious people to concentrate on serious issues.  And I do mean ignore…as in totally.  Never respond or acknowledge their presence.

Try reacting as you would  if you just ran into your ex at a social function.

And one other thought for other conservative authors no matter where they are published – if your work is being attacked by these rabid, mindless trolls, look at it as a matter of pride.   After all, if the things we write didn’t hit the left very, very close to home, they wouldn’t have bothered.

Troll activity tells us two things.  First, we must have hit them hard.  Second, it also tells us just where to keep hitting them, only harder!


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to A Huge Thank You … To All The Trolls Out There

  1. J-M says:

    If these trolls had a coherent thought process they might be dangerous!

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