So the Democrats are Nervous, Are They?

Democrat members of the Senate who are facing re-election in 2014, and even some of those who are up for re-election in 2016, are in a cold-sweat panic that they will be held responsible for the disastrous roll-out of the Obamacare website (or perhaps the failure of not having anything useful to roll-out).  The fantasies that Obama and his acolytes in the Senate repeated ad nauseam about “If you like your health care plan…blah, blah, blah!” have suddenly morphed into electoral nightmares.

Add to that the bare-faced lie about health insurance costs going down by $2,500 for the average family being smacked with the reality that in many cases those very same health insurance costs are going UP by twice that amount.  Do Obama and the Democrats think that the average American family operates on the same scale as the Federal government, and a $7,500 “misstatement” is just a rounding error?

If, in fact, those Senators (every one of whom is a Democrat) who parroted the “you can keep it” officially sanctioned “misstatement”, were relying on White House talking points, and only recently found out that those statements were in error, or were purposefully false, what is their excuse then?  Oh, I remember now.  They never actually read the bill that created this disaster.  Well good for them, although not so good for everyone else.

Not only were they too stupid to realize that you can never increase the number of insured by 30 million with no additional costs, but that everyone else will save money while getting a lot of “free” stuff.  No not just stupid, but guilty of dereliction of duty for not reading, understanding and evaluating what it actually said in the drafts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  You know, the one that was passed, signed by the President and found to be constitutional (on a single, narrow point of law).  Yeah, that law.  They never read it.  Perhaps I’m naïve, but isn’t that actually a key function of the job they were elected to fulfill?

President Obama and the White House staff (or as I like to think of that particular group – Thugs’R’Us) have told us not to worry about those little things. Apparently subsidies will “offset” the increases in health insurance premiums.

Please keep in mind that these are the same increases that we were initially told were not going to happen. We were supposed to get to keep more of our own money thanks to Obamacare.

Sadly for the believers-in-unicorns that work and reside inside the beltway there has been a recent discovery that substantial health insurance price increases actually have happened. For them, it must be like that first Christmas when you find out that Santa isn’t real.

One is immediately forced to ask our Subsidizer-in-Chief, just what the source for all the money for these subsidies might be?  Is it a gift from the subsidy fairy? Or was he counting on using the funds that were supposed to be coming the health insurance premiums being paid by young, healthy people who are going to be flocking to the Obamacare exchanges?

So, Barry, how’s that working out for you?

Perhaps Obama just plans to raise taxes temporarily to cover the costs. The Thugs’R’Us gang is not only wrecking our nation’s health insurance industry, but they’re pretty much corrupting our language.  For instance, when they use the word “temporary” they really mean permanent in the same way that the word “glitch” is used as shorthand for “total and unbelievable disaster, catastrophe and the collapse of civilization as we know it.”  (OK, I added that last bit myself. But I was only following Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals were he says to ridicule your opponents.)

There doesn’t appear to be any way to reverse the five million policy cancellations that have occurred in the individual health insurance market because of Obamacare’s mandated benefit requirements, since the health care plans that people like will have to be resubmitted for approval by the insurance commissioners of the “several states” before they can go into effect.  The President can’t simply draft a new executive order that says “Just kidding!”  That pesky Constitution gets in the way.

No matter what brilliant solution the Democrats in the Senate, the Democrats in the House, or the brain trust in the White House develop they, to use the President’s own words, should be punished at the polls a year from now.  Not one individual who participated in this legislative obscenity should be pardoned.  Every Democrat Senator and the majority of the Democrats in the House should be sent a copy of the Yellow Page entry for “Movers – Interstate” and told to start getting ready.  They’re going home and it won’t be for just a visit.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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5 Responses to So the Democrats are Nervous, Are They?

  1. Pete Morin says:

    Be careful. Don’t underestimate the value the Democrats place on low information voters. Those would be the brainiacs who believe they’re getting something free–that would be birth control and preventive care.

    Also, I wrote an article in a blog a few years ago titled ‘The Search for an Honest Democrat.’
    Those few Democrats who may have have a pang of conscience could be showing up. But do they really believe in the oath they swear to upon taking office?

    The search continues.

    • Jim Yardley says:

      Pete, I think today’s Democrats are only loyal to the Democrat party and their own ambitions. They all follow orders, they all use the same talking points, they all espouse the same language. It’s never about abortion, it’s about “women’s health issues” for example.

      As for low info voters? Well, keep in mind, when ever you see a bell curve describing the distribution of intelligence, the dumber the individual, the further left they appear on the chart. Maybe that’s not really a coincidence.

  2. J-M says:

    One of my co-workers called me a “domestic terrorist” the other day. He feels that Obamacare is wonderful. He sanctimoniously proclaimed that he wanted all those people without insurance to get it. He’s a very large man and at the risk of “offending” him and thus stopping all dialogue, I haven’t mentioned that smokers are not the only people that will be targeted by the medical fascists. He also feels that Big Oil is evil. I tried to cite facts about just who is raking in the profit on each gallon of gas (hint: it’s the government on all levels) and he looked at me incredulously. I invited him to look at the stats on-line, but I know he never will. His desire to “believe” is greater than his desire to be informed. It’s easier to call me a “domestic terrorist” than to explore my reasoning. There is no hope.

  3. J-M says:

    Jim you have made an interesting point about intelligence and liberal ideology. My friend above probably isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. I may not be the sharpest, but at least I’m in the butcher block with the rest of the better knives, not in the butter knife drawer. I am extremely conservative. I HOPE that your bell curve is correct! lol

  4. Freda Middleton says:

    President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

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