Someone is Going to Die

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it is more popularly known by everyone except the White House and Congressional and Senatorial Democrats threatened by the midterm elections that are on the horizon, Obamacare has forced the cancellation of health insurance policies that protect the access to health care for at least six million Americans. Since there are no accurate numbers available as to how many of these cancelled policies are family-type plans, the real number of people who have lost their coverage is unknown.

These individuals may assault the website in order to purchase their very own, governmentally designed and approved health insurance. The fact that these health insurance plans are the perfect example, sadly, of the old joke:

What is an elephant? An elephant is a mouse designed to government specs.

And as even the most progressive of Progressives are able to recognize that it always costs a lot more to feed an elephant than a mouse. So that factor is not neglected in Obama’s signature, bureaucratically designed and approved health insurance, which provides what turns out to be minimal coverage at maximal costs. One can assume that the jokes about $200 hammers or $5,000 toilet seats are going to be long forgotten before the costs associated with Obamacare are lost to the mists of history. Like in 2017.

What indicators might there be to signal the demise of Obamacare? Well, as has been written before, there are three variables that are constantly fighting for primacy in any business transaction, namely, Price, Quality and Delivery. You can pick two of the three, but if you think that you can get all three, you probably voted for Obama — twice.  Here are examples of the only-pick-two conundrum:

You want low-cost and high-quality health care? Fine, you’ll have to wait for several months to see a doctor, but that’s OK — you got two out of three.

Don’t want to wait? OK, we can do that, too. It will be fast and cheap, but we can’t guarantee top quality. Now are you happy?

Oh, you want top quality and you want it immediately? Fine, we can do that, too, but you can forget cheap.

But wait!  It seems that the Obamacare model gives you a choice of exactly zero out of three!  Now that Nancy Pelosi’s prediction that we’ll see what’s in Obamacare just as soon as we pass it has actually occurred we see that, gasp, low price has been removed from the list of “choose two” options.  Premiums have dramatically increased as have the deductibles that the beneficiaries of these no-longer-sub-standard polices have to pay.

But Obamacare has given us top quality care, right?  Care like that enjoyed by Medicaid and Medicare patients nationwide point to with pride and awe.  Well, that remains to be seen, if in fact it ever can be seen.

Because the third option, speedy delivery of care might be a bit problematic, when thousands of physicians have decided to stop taking Medicare or Medicaid patients.  It might take a while for the patient to find a doctor who will take them at all, and if one can be found, they will probably have to wait some length of time for an appointment.

But since Obamacare is (by force of law, thank heavens) not one of those sub-standard health insurance policies that have been foisted off on an unsuspecting populace by unscrupulous insurance companies who are “rogue” companies that only sell “lemons”, we can all feel so much safer. Well, you can feel safer if you (a) believe that they are in fact guilty of selling inferior products while (b) forgetting the fact that these very same companies are the underwriters for the new and governmentally approved and improved, utterly standard-compliant health insurance policies that the Obama cabal of thugs has forced down everyone’s throats.

Since as a business model, Obamacare offers exactly zero for three options, it is safe to say with a fair degree of certainty that someone will, in the near future, die because of the failure of our Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.



About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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