The Elitist Media Strikes Again!

A small “human interest” piece about a restored WWII era fighter appeared on the website today.  The aircraft was a rare P-40E model. It is the same kind flown by the 1st American Volunteer Group formed in China by Gen. Claire Chennault shortly before the United States entered the war.  Chennault’s group was, and still is, much better known around the world as the “Flying Tigers.”

Fighting on the side of China against Japan’s expansionist and imperialistic ambitions of the day, the battles fought between the Flying Tigers and the Japanese Imperial Air Force could be reasonably compared to something like Godzilla versus Bambi.

The aircraft flown by the Tigers were quite distinctive and after the Chinese had dubbed the pilots of Chennault’s group the “Flying Tigers”, with the respect due to tenacious and brave warriors, the group painted a distinctive design on the nose of each fighter to reflect the appellation given to them by the Chinese people who they were defending.


The article was not written by anyone from FOX News, but rather one of the largest of the “news” gatekeepers, Associated Press.  These are the same people who feed most of the MSM their take on what is and is not “news.”

Keep in mind, these are the elites who view the rest of us as morons, as well as being morally bankrupt.  We need to be told what to think.  We need to have simple concepts explained to us.  We are incompetent, and unable to draw connections between ideas and reality.

Got all that?

So, these brilliant people, in describing the aircraft patterned after the one of the original Flying Tigers, flown by brave young men who were also collectively called Flying Tigers, and who are still known today as Flying Tigers, used the following headline for their article:

Museum’s restored shark-nosed fighter plane salutes exploits of Flying Tigers in WWII

It only stands to reason that for the past 70 years, we poor idiots who can’t connect and idea with a reality assumed (incorrectly according the AP) that the teeth painted on the nose of the P-40’s used by the Flying Tigers were an homage to the idea that these TIGERS had TEETH.

Aren’t you glad that the AP explained it all to us, and showed their far superior knowledge of history, and iconography, so that we don’t embarrass ourselves further.  We are just so lucky that these media elites are taking care of us, don’t you agree?


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to The Elitist Media Strikes Again!

  1. Occam's Other Shoe says:

    As the AP’s Culture editor said, “Is when bliss tis,
    ignorancewise be folly to. Fortnight.”

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