The Perfect Explanation

As the Obama Administration continues to flounder about what should be their brilliant response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion and de facto annexation of the Ukrainian province of Crimea, many of our fellow citizens wonder why the “smartest guy in the room” is having a hard time determining just how to react to these provocations.

The inexplicable becomes obvious when one recalls that Barack Obama and his top notch crew of advisors and hangers-on view everything through the lens of politics.  Their primary goal is never the well-being of the citizens of our own or any other nation.  Their primary goal is to insure that Obama himself is never, ever seen as being to blame for anything.  When all else fails, Obama and the White House invariably work to blame someone else.

For instance, there was no Obama-related culpability for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.  Oh, no.  Regardless of the fact that the Obama administration rejected repeated calls for additional security in Benghazi, it certainly wasn’t Barry’s fault.  It might have been Hillary’s fault, but in the end this administration decided that it was all the fault of a now nameless YouTube movie producer who apparently got some really, really bad reviews from Muslims in the Maghreb who had weak self-control issues.

The Fast and Furious scandal?  Oh, that was all the fault of George W. Bush who started a similar effort during his presidency.  So they explained that they just followed his lead and ignored all the earlier claims that Barry was going to be such a better president than George W. since he was so much smarter.

The IRS targeting of conservative groups?  Not Barry, his spokespeople say, oh no.  It was all the fault of some “bonehead” who was isolated in the Cincinnati, Ohio office of the IRS.  You know, that office that had absolutely no active managerial oversight by politically appointed management within the IRS, which, it should be remembered, is only a brisk walk away from the White House.

The pattern quickly becomes self-evident.

So how will the President address this current disaster?

Well, keep in mind that Obama isn’t a master of foreign policy à la Nixon.  He isn’t a master of economic policy.  He isn’t a master of military policy.  Come to think of it, the only thing he seems to be really good at is lying to deflect and distract, and to blame Republicans for anything and everything that goes wrong.

I can only envision one of Obama’s teleprompter fed speeches where he will explain to the citizens of the United States and the people of the world that the true cause of the Ukrainian/Crimean imbroglio is the intransigence of Vladimir Putin.  Obama will then announce that the real Vladimir Putin is, in simple fact, a closeted Obstructionist Republican!  Doubling down on that accusation, Obama will then point out that the troops that moved into Crimea, and failing to display symbols identifying their nationality means that they are civilians who are treasonously opposing the elected government, which clearly means one thing, and one thing only.  If they are civilians, if they oppose the current government of Ukraine (using those awful gun things), if they wear masks to hide their true identity, then it is obvious (to Obama anyway) that those ersatz soldiers are, in fact, members of the fanatic and dangerous Tea Party!

Since Barry, by that point in his speech, will have affixed blame for the fiasco in the former Soviet republic, and the blame isn’t his, he can now rest easy, and begin distracting the American voter by demanding that every one of us vote for Democrats in November, since the whole problem is the fault of those evil Republicans and their “vast right wing conspiracy”.  In fact, there wouldn’t even actually be a problem, except that FOX News keeps harping about it.

(He may need to pay Hillary for the use of that phrase, since I’m sure that she copyrighted it, but that can be negotiated.  Of course he could also have Eric Holder send Hillary a notice that he was taking it under the doctrine of eminent domain or something.)

I wonder just how close my prediction of the White House’s response to the situation will actually be.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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3 Responses to The Perfect Explanation

  1. kathy says:

    Your prediction will be correct but maybe add that after he makes his speech blaming Bush, the Tea Party, Republicans and a youtube movie producer, he will go play golf…. in Hawaii spending millions of taxpayer dollars, while his “wife” takes a separate plane and spends another kazillion dollars to vacation. Very sadly, for us, all you write is too true.
    Everyone whom he blames should call him out on it and ridicule him for it and continue on until he is seen by everyone as the world’s biggest joke.

  2. Pete Morin says:

    Barry–living proof of the negative consequences of affirmative action. Obama ‘Peter Principled’ at being a ‘Community Organizer’ and should have stopped there. But the big money power brokers in liberal land( think George Soros et. al.) knew a good thing when they saw it: nominate this mindless black ideologue and ride him all the way to the White House on the coat tails of AA. Obama can’t make critical decisions because he’s not really in charge. He’s nothing but a dupe, an empty suit and a lackey for the above mentioned power brokers in the Progressive/Communist left. Their ultimate goal? Figure it out.

  3. J-M says:

    In the old days there was a saying about people that were employed/invited to social gatherings merely because of their skin color who were otherwise incompetent.. They were called token ________. Obama is a token.

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