And Who Else Will You Be Voting For?

It’s 2014, and a mid-term election is going to happen in less than 90 days. Want to see how it goes?

You step into the voting booth, and look at all the names on the ballot.

You look for the name of someone that you think you can trust, someone that you truly believe has your best interests, and the interests of most Americans, at heart.

So you pull the lever, fill in the tiny circle, punch a hole in your ballot, and assume that you voted for just that person.

Too bad that you’re wrong.

Did you vote to fulfill your sovereign franchise to select only the men or women who are going to represent your views and opinions as legislators, administrators or, in a few communities, judges who will both interpret as well as apply laws? If that is what you intended to do, you did. But you did even more. By voting you are providing another vote as well – a vote of confidence.

Every voter, whether by voting for an incumbent Democrat/Progressive or for a Democrat/Progressive challenger who openly (or even tacitly) supports the current administration, not only gives a vote of confidence to these invisible ballot candidates, it actually encourages them to continue forward on what appears to be on onrushing train wreck.

If you voted for a Democrat/Progressive, you really voted for dozens of people, none of whom are actually on your ballot. By voting Democrat, in addition to the person you thought you were voting for, you just gave a proxy vote of confidence to Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. You also validated, again by proxy, the words and actions of Eric Holder, Gina McCarthy, John Kerry, the President of your local teacher’s union, the head of the local government’s employee union, and many, many others. You even told the presidents of private sector for-profit corporations that they can continue to act irresponsibly with their stockholders’ money and not worry, because the government will bail them out.

Even if a Democrat/Progressive incumbent or challenger loses this election, the closer the outcome, the more confidence the left has in continuing the charade that they are “working for ALL Americans.” They will immediately think that they will only need a few more votes in the next election cycle to win! Their second thought will inevitably be: “What new lies can we concoct to get those extra votes next time?”

It’s critical that no one who wants our national nightmare to end sit back and think that this election is in the bag and that they can stay home and watch television.

That would be a really, really bad idea. (Yes, I know, but I took the Captain Obvious home study class and wanted to use it.)

It would send the wrong message to the leftists that they actually have a chance in 2016. It sends the message that if they spend more of the cash that Obama is busy raising, if they tell a few new (but focus group tested) lies, if they can trash those on the right with different lies, they can retain the White House and retake Congress.

Don’t send that message by being too relaxed. Get up from your easy chair and go to the polls. (If you’re from Chicago, vote early and vote often.) Make sure every other conservative that you know get out to vote as well. Offer to drive them to the polls. If you have to, offer to push them to the polls in a wheel barrow. Whatever it takes.

It really is necessary to put the brakes on the left’s juggernaut, and do it now, and do it again in two years.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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