And Just Why are Illegal Aliens not Criminal?

Published by American Thinker on 11/21/14

Listening to members of the Obama administration trying to explain President Obama’s plan for amnesty for illegal aliens offers evidence that they still think like very young children, particularly when they are trying to avoid being blamed for anything that happens.

Most parents will immediately recognize any phrase out of a child’s mouth that begins with “Well, I wasn’t really running when…” is what any inveterate gambler would call a “tell” that gives away an attempt to hide what that child either actually did, or lets you know that what you are about to be told is a bare-faced lie.

For Obama, offering “amnesty” for millions of “illegal aliens” or “undocumented aliens” or some other linguistic legerdemain for a description of who is going to benefit from Obama’s actions.  But that sort of language contortion acknowledges that some law has been broken.

So one can only be forced to assume that Obama and Company would prefer that you skip over the definition where “amnesty” might, even in a remote way, actually be sort of a pardon for what would actually be a crime. Rather Obama would prefer that amnesty means that it’s just an accommodation for only a minor transgression like jay-walking. Sort of saying “Nothing to see here, so move along.”

Sadly (but only for Obama) the word amnesty really is a synonym for pardon or forgiveness for a criminal act. Criminal acts are occasionally pardoned, but usually the pardon would only relieve the criminal of the remaining portion of their punishment for the crime for which they were found guilty, perhaps even the entirety of an unserved sentence. Crimes are pardoned occasionally, but not en masse.

So it appears that good ol’ Barry is going to provide amnesty to millions of people who want to live in the United States but really think it’s inconvenient to have to ask the government to grant them a legal authorization to live and work (and might actually be expected to pay state and federal taxes and support themselves and their families) in our country.

Did I just say “Millions”?  Now that will really be doing something en masse.

But such an action by the administration is not amnesty nor a pardon.  These criminal invaders of a sovereign nation have not been convicted of their criminal acts. The vast majority have never been arrested, never been tried and never been convicted, so being “forgiven” for their illegal behavior seems to be impossible.

That would be about the same as offering amnesty to 30 million drivers for speeding when none were ever stopped by a cop.

Obama’s amnesty is supposed to be given to non-Americans for illegally entering our nation.

Apparently they will also be forgiven for crossing our border illegally during the last few hours of pregnancy so that their child will be born and provide an alien Mommy with an “anchor baby”.  Anchor babies will insure that neither mother nor child will be sent back to the nation where this child’s mother was impregnated, and where she carried the fetus for all but the last day or two of the entire pregnancy.  Obviously Obama’s amnesty is based on the long relationship mommy had with America.

For any reader of a leftist mindset, that last sentence is sarcasm, just in case you wondered.

These illegal aliens will be forgiven for taking a job from an unemployed American, because (we are told) that there are jobs that Americans are unwilling to do themselves.  If Obama is going to base any of his amnesty on that imagery, is there proof available?  Is such proof being supplied by Professor Gruber, by any chance?

Are these illegal aliens paying normally required income taxes on the revenue that they earn as employees doing these jobs that legal Americans are unwilling to do themselves?  If they are not, how do they avoid getting their employer to avoid deducting such taxes?  If the employers are abetting this criminal tax avoidance, will they too be given a pardon?

Perhaps all these questions are addressed by the brilliant Senators and Congresspersons who are feverishly working on what is being called Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Of course I’m probably not as well informed as to what questions are being addressed, understood and fully agreed upon as those Congressional members, geniuses in the White House or the PhD highly paid “consultants” from top flight colleges such as M.I.T. or Harvard, but the questions need to be both asked as well as clearly answered before this Executive Order by Barack Hussein Obama wastes a drop of ink in its drafting.


I want to thank all those who have written offering their sympathies and prayers for my recovery from my recent stroke.  I’ve been recovering quite quickly and your support has been a huge help in making sure that depression hasn’t slowed down that recovery at all.  Again, thanks from both myself and my beautiful bride.

                    Jim Yardley


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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4 Responses to And Just Why are Illegal Aliens not Criminal?

  1. kathy says:

    Jim!!!! How wonderful that you are writing again! I am so happy that you are recovering so quickly and so well. Warm wishes to you and your beautiful bride. Good health and joy to both of you always.
    I do not recognize my beloved country anymore. This column addresses my fears exactly. Things are happening in America that years ago, I would only thought of as science fiction. Ilegals are illegally here and that is criminal and they do not bring with them a love and appreciation for America or to become American in language and pride. No, they bring Entero Virus68, Chagas Disease, antibitoic resistant TB, malaria, crime and terrorism. They can wave their Mexican flag but American students are punished if they wear an American flag shirt on cinqo de mayo, They do not come to contribute but to take and take and take. They need to go home and we need a high voltage electrified fence an an overthrow of this regime.
    Thank you, Jim for writing again!

  2. J-M says:

    Recently my own small city near the Canadian border decided to become a sanctuary city. The city council took me to task for using the term and told me it was merely a “non-bias” ordinance prohibiting police from inquiring into immigration status. (allegedly the police were already declining to ask and the council was simply going along with that) The council told me that even if I were a victim of crime perpetrated by an illegal alien, the alien would NOT be deported. The city council feels that this city must be a “welcoming city” even as good hard working people shun this place because of the crime rate. We must welcome illegal aliens even as businesses flee the city for other, more welcoming cities.

    The illegal aliens drug lords have set up a “hub” for drug running in our city. The crime rate is through the roof. It’s much higher than the state. It’s much higher than the US crime rate. IT’S HIGHER THAN THE AVERAGE IN EVERY VIOLENT CRIME CATAGORY, but the city council still is dismissive of me and anybody else who complains. We must welcome the criminals and welcome the crime wave. We can’t even be sure that our vehicle will be there to drive to work in the morning (4th in nation for vehicle theft) but the police will take a report…on-line. The police are too busy with seatbelt violators. Red light cameras are popping up all over, even at school crossings. There have been zero incidents and we don’t know how the cameras will work, but they are there. Somebody has to pay for the welfare of the illegal aliens and I guess this is how they are going to do it. By turning the police into revenue agents. If you steal a car in this city, wear your seatbelt and don’t go even one mile over the speed limit and you can keep that car.

    There is NOTHING I can do. The council treats me like a homeless person instead of a citizen. Hell, they just passed a graffitti ordinance. The gang members get a pass and the property owner gets the fine. If we can’t even get the city council to pay attention to the law (city council head told me to my FACE that he didn’t have to follow federal law and if the feds wanted to they could come and search for the illegals by themselves.) how are we going to stop the invasion? Believe me, I lived through one hostile Mexican takeover in California before I fled and became a refugee in this state. I have been to Tijuana and Juarez. This is NOT how I want to live.

  3. Lucius Paullus says:

    Godpeed with your recovery Mr. Yardley, and may you and your beautiful bride have many more happy, fulfilling years together.

  4. Pete Morin says:

    Great to see you writing again, Jim, and recovering nicely from your stroke. Your voice and pen( or keyboard, as it were) are an essential component to help keep freedom alive, and counter the destructive effects of an out-of-control government.

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