Obama’s Claim of Kindness

Barack Obama claims that the deportations of “some” illegal immigrants might be avoided if they have children who are viewed as American citizens because their parents crossed the border before they were born.  Obama has implied that his amnesty orders were phrased this way to demonstrate how he cares so much about separating families, even though the parents, or at least one parent, are in fact criminals.

Obama apparently feels that he should be admired and supported for this exhibition of his kindness, humanity and caring for these unfortunate illegal aliens.  Of course, on the other hand, perhaps we should view these same illegals as fortunate.  They have kids who they can use as an insurance against being deported for the crime of infiltrating themselves illegally into the United States.

If Obama’s ego is stroked enough by this manifestation of benevolence and generous intentions (a common thrust in almost every Progressive action) it might even spread to other illegal behaviors.  This could lead to amnesty for bank robbers or those who assault the elderly or pimps as long as the criminal being indicted has a family that needs “to be kept together with their kids.”

The effectiveness of having children might encourage these criminal immigrants to the point that there is an unforeseen upsurge in the birth of even more such children. Naturally it also overlooks the fact that citizens and legal residents will be forced to support these children in terms of welfare, education, medical care and so on.

No doubt Obama is convinced that these children would gain some valuable education as they learn how to behave from their shady mothers and dads.  After all, no one can doubt the value kids will gain by emulating their parent’s behaviors, right?

We can always see the outcome of that sort of parental leadership and training as the children of illegal aliens who just get tired of waiting to enter the country decide to ignore any sort of limits that have been imposed by the Constitution.  We’ve already seen the outcome of that “I’m not going to bother to follow the law” stuff haven’t we?


Published on American Thinker on 11/25/2014


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to Obama’s Claim of Kindness

  1. kathy says:

    Mu husband and I work hard and we pay taxes. We are proudly not subsidized. We buy our own food, pay our own mortgage and our own utilites. I go to the grocery sotre and see these illegals who are able bodied with lots of kids and she is more often than not, pregnant.There is often a man in tow. They are nicely dressed and wear gold jewelry. They whip out a card from the governemnt and their big grocery bill comes down to nothing. Meanwhile, I spend over 100 hard earned dollars and it hurts.
    WHy is it uncumbent on me to support illegal people? I feel no obligation towards them. And they do not come here to be the next Irving Berlin, Einstein etc, They come to take whatever they can and this is what they are teaching their kids. And they are popping those kds out like Pez.
    I agree with this column. Thier moms and dads are shady and they are working this system while king obama spits in the faces of hard working American citizens, America spoke in the midterms, We want these people to go back home and we want the border secured. We want a national language that is English. We are proud of our American culture and heritage and US Constutution.I think multiculturalism is a euphenism for anti white. If i wanted Mexican or Central American culture, i would apply to legally move there. It is not a culture that i admire, Please dont let them bring it here. This is why I say more power to the Duggars and I hope all 19 of their wholesome, working, legal American children each have 19 kids.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jim and good health and joy to you and your family

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