Racial Magic

Exactly why do Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Bill de Blasio, Eric Holder and other racialist hucksters go out of their way to get black Americans upset?  They shout “The cops are killing you!”  Yeah, that will work.  It certainly will get people upset, and they’ll be marching and they’ll be protesting.  Oh, they will also start committing theft, arson, physical assaults and so on.  These things are apparently needed to convince people to believe the fairy tales that they are being spoon fed.

Of course, if you notice, these same upset black Americans never seem to question what else is going on, when these same so-called political leaders are ripping them off.  They are kept uneducated to destroy their employment opportunities.  In addition, the hucksters work hard to block programs that might actually provide better educations for their children.  The black citizens who are encouraged to protest and riot are given financial aid, but only at a level that barely keeps them at a survival level while threatening to take away even that parsimonious level of help.

Yet these same “leaders” live lives that rival Louis XIV or the Romanov Dynasty or any of the Pharaohs.  From where is that wealth derived?  How about from these very same black Americans who are being distracted by race hustlers who spout totally unfounded claims that cops are killing them in wholesale quantities.

It’s the oldest magician’s technique of all.  It consists of simply showing you something with one hand to distract you while the other is busy picking your pocket and hoping that you’ll never notice.

For instance, the riots that were inspired by events in Ferguson and Staten Island was based on  claims by racialists that in the former case the “victim had his hands up and was surrendering”, while in the latter case the victim claimed that “he couldn’t breathe”.  In both cases, the racialist hustlers claim that the deaths should be attributed solely to the misbehavior of cops.

Of course there is autopsy evidence that shows the young thug in Ferguson was not shot in the back, and the other death, in New York, reports that the autopsy determined that a heart attack was the cause of death.

But the racial hucksters (and those who are fellow travelers who align themselves with the hucksters) tell the black communities to ignore anything that doesn’t support their current narrative.

What they are effectively saying is:  “Pay no attention to what’s going on behind my back.  Believe in the magic.”  If their followers stop believing in the magic, they will suddenly stop paying for admission to the racialist magic show.

This is writ large.  Very large.  And what is written is simply that lying is very profitable – for the hucksters anyway.


Published on Canada Free Press on January 5, 2015


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to Racial Magic

  1. thomas conger says:

    I too am a nam vet, thank you for your service Mr Yardley. We like your take on our nations situation.

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