So, What Do YOU Think?

Ever heard that question before?  From anyone?  And did you ever hear that question and think to yourself, “Yeah, like you want to hear my answer to that one!”

Besides doubting the sincerity of the questioner being truly interested in your opinion, those five words, strung together, don’t always indicate a search for information.  It is also possible that it is a trap. No matter what your response might be, it will be viewed as wrong.

Don’t believe it?  Ever had your spouse/significant other ask “So, do I look fat in this dress?”  Now do you see the problem?

In an attempt to explain the violence and deaths in Paris, many pundits in the past two or three days are fond of saying that these Islamists do not honor the human right of freedom of speech.  Yes, freedom of speech is particularly protected by the U.S. Constitution, but there is a significant level of support for free speech in many non-Muslim nations, though it is not universally protected.  But reactions to any speech with which these jihadists do not agree is not an issue of freedom of speech. When you kill those with whom you disagree, it is an issue of power and authority.

Let me say that again – Freedom of speech is not, and never was, the real issue in Paris.

Submission to Islam is the issue, or rather the failure of the men and women in the non-Islamic world to refuse to submit to what some Muslims determine to be acceptable according to their interpretation of the Koran and the strictures of Sharia law.

While Jay Carney was working as the talking head du jour of the Obama White House, he said that while the right of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo to produce and publish caricatures of Mohammed is a protected one, the managers of this same publication should have used “better judgment.”  The only “better judgment” that appears to have been available regarding the actual publishing of these cartoons resided in the egomaniacal imaginations of jihadists.

Apparently Charlie Hebdo would have to be submissive to the thoughts and desires of jihadists who want to control every aspect of everyone else’s behavior, including what they think and what they say.

While it is assumed that a huge minority of Muslims agree with the verbalized opinions of radical jihadists such as those in Paris, or the Taliban, al Qaeda, AQAP or others of that ilk, here is that string of five words.

So, what do you think?

Are there that many people that have been raised in a Muslim nation who are thrilled and happy with living in absolute submission to these lunatics?  Or, perhaps they have had enough exposure to those who were raised in westernized cultures where freedom is much more desirable than submission.  If it’s more desirable, why don’t they ignore preachings that they find somewhere between stupid and silly at one extreme and utterly abhorrent on the other?

See how this is a trap?  If they say they really love being submissive, they lose themselves as human beings.  If they say they hate these strictures that require absolute submission, they will lose their lives.  For the jihadists, heads they win, tails you lose.

Some Western nations have allowed massive numbers of people from Muslim nations to immigrate.  Even though their home nations have a wildly different culture, they have been expected to assimilate. That expectation proves that they are living in a fairy tale.  Assimilation into a western culture will be a fairy tale when those same nations also allow intolerant megalomaniac religious “leaders” to immigrate with ordinary Muslims.  These “leaders” provide a continuing cultural symbol of absolute authority and will continue the demand for absolute submission to Islamic cultural “norms”.  This means that assimilation, in practical terms, is impossible.

After migration to the United States or Canada, look at the number of wives who, after having been exposed to the freedom western women have in our culture, have been murdered after seeking a divorce. What is the number of daughters who have been slaughtered because they willfully defied the orders of a parent and did the unthinkable – they wore jeans.  How many can explain these murders as a reaction to clothing that is not fashionable?

It remains to be determined whether those who defied absolute authoritarianism are the rarity, or there majority of those exposed to freedom only held in check by terrorism that is directed within the immigrant population. If internally directed terrorism checks the natural yearning for freedom in all its forms, that might provide the reason why it seems difficult to find “moderate” Muslims.  If it is, perhaps the Western world needs to revise our policies and ways to help those who want to stay Muslim, but a Muslim who is both free and independent.

So, what do you think?


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to So, What Do YOU Think?

  1. Pete Morin says:

    The real problem is religion itself. This isn’t just a Muslim problem, or a Christian problem, it’s a religious problem. If you could negate all the references to eliminating infidels currently in the Koran that would be beneficial, but you can’t. The Koran includes ridiculous ideas about killing non-believers.
    Christianity is in no better position, however. The Old Testament is loaded with references to killing people for ridiculous reasons. Take the name of God in vain: death. Homosexuality: death. Whole tribes, men, women and children slaughtered because they opposed the will of God. If God wants people killed for these reasons, let Him kill them. Any sane, moral person should respond to this nonsense in this manner.
    It appears, however, that we have a bostload of insanity in this world. We may never be able to rid this world of superstition, myths and nonsense so prevalent in religious teachings.

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