A Few Random Thoughts

As thoughts run through my head (or perhaps stumble would be a more accurate characterization) I write them down.  I usually think to myself “Hmmm, this might be good for an article”.  But it isn’t always.  Sometimes it’s just an interesting thought.  So I decided to share some of these thoughts.


If Mr. Obama wants to see a living, breathing, and effective example of how capitalism works, he need only sign on to Angie’s list on his computer.

There has long been a creed in business that if you, as the business, do a good job for your customer, that customer will tell two other people, who themselves are potential customers.  On the other hand, if you provide shabby products or lousy service, that same customer will tell not only two of his or her friends, but 10 other people who might even be total strangers.  If the shabby work continues, you’re out of business.  If the good work continues, you’ll grow and be profitable.

Angie’s List changes the dynamic.  Instead of a ratio of 2 to 10, it’s now a ratio of 2 to 50,000.   And that, Mr. Obama, is why capitalism works.  Word of mouth.  Not government controlled media, not legislation, not Progressive nanny-state coercion, just word of mouth by ordinary people.


 Progressives, in general, have junior varsity quality intellects, they have junior varsity level skills, and they have junior varsity caliber social abilities.  On the other hand, they have Olympian level egos.


 The reason that politicians love the teacher’s unions is that they adore the concept of lifetime tenure.  Politicians just want it for themselves, as well.


 Ever wonder why politicians, particularly our current President, love Hollywood?  Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama just feels comfortable around millionaires and billionaires who are utterly narcissistic, who make wonderful speeches that make them sound erudite, charming, appealing and persuasive.  And those speeches (scripts) are always what someone else has written.

In a movie script the hero always knows what he’s doing, and always gets the best looking girl and always has huge numbers of people who think he’s wonderful.  And there are never, I mean NEVER any unintended consequences as a result of what our hero does, no matter how stupid it seems at the time.

Luckily for us, we know that it’s all make believe.

I wonder if Barry has realized that the White House is not make-believe, but keeps kidding himself that it is.


 Many have accused Barack Obama of being guided solely by the writings of Saul Alinsky.  I know, I know, there were stories going around about Obama relying on the writings of Saint Augustine when selecting which potential terrorists were going to die by means of drone strikes, but does anyone actually believe that?

I didn’t think so.

On the other hand, I do think that our President has read more than just simply Saul Alinsky.  No, I’m not referring to the Constitution.  I’m referring to the book Brain Droppings by George Carlin. In a section titled “Rules to Live By”, Carlin makes some suggestions that our Dear Leader has apparently taken quite to heart:

Rule   #6:   Surround yourself with inferiors and losers.  Not only will you look good by comparison, but they will look up to you, and that will make you feel better.   (Hello, Joe Biden!)

Rule #10:   Never give up on an idea simply because it is bad and doesn’t work.  Cling to it even when it is hopeless.  Anyone can cut and run, but it takes a special person to stay with something that is stupid and harmful.   (Let’s raise taxes on anyone who is gainfully employed!)

 Rule #15:   Finally, enjoy yourself all the time, and do whatever you want.  Don’t be seduced by that mindless chatter going around about “responsibility.”   That’s exactly the kind of thing that can ruin your life.     (Well, look, it’s time for another vacation!)

I rest my case.


 If the law mandating truth in advertising could be applied to the government itself, it would undoubtedly force changes in the names of the executive departments.

 The Department of Labor would become the Department of Union Protection and Suppression of Non-Union Labor.

The Department of Education would become the Department of Unionized Teacher Benefits.

 The Environmental Protection Agency would become the Environmental Lunatic Fringe Protection and Pandering Agency.


Liberals are always claiming that conservatives, particularly social conservatives, are trying to control what you do in your bedroom.  The inference is of course that they themselves would never control what you do in your bedroom.  And for once, at least temporarily, they are telling the truth, just not the whole truth.  No, right now they don’t want to control what happens in your bedroom.  They just want to control everything else that you do, see, eat, where you work, how much you earn, what kind of car they will allow you to drive, and on and on and on.


I would like to ask all those recent graduates who selected useless majors and spent somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 to get a degree (or multiple degrees up to the doctoral level) in high demand professions such as paleontology,  Medieval French Literature or Women’s studies to join me in a thought experiment.

I’d want them to think back on those kids that they knew in high school that they thought weren’t too bright.  The ones that they snickered at because they were sure that those kids could never get into a prestigious university such as the one from which they just graduated.  The ones that they classed as losers.

Then I’d ask if they knew what some of those kids are doing now?  How about those that became plumbers?  As a licensed plumber, those kids will be making five times what these over-educated and yet unemployable recent grads will be making.   Did the recent grads ever think about that when they asked mom and dad to sign those tuition checks, or when they signed up for a student loan that they will still be paying off in ten or fifteen years?

And beyond that disparity of earning potential, these same “losers”, the ones with a skill that is in high demand, will also be able to ultimately start their own companies.  What will those recent grads be able to do?  Start their own universities?


And finally, just a quote I found that applies to the state of affairs in America.

I try to be cynical but it’s hard to keep up.

                                                                                                  – Lilly Tomlin


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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