Am I Angry?

Am I angry?  Of course I am.  I’m angry about the way our nation is going, or perhaps I should have said is NOT going?

Is the economy is stagnant? Is it growing at all? Again, the self-evident answer is a resounding NO.

Our educational system is coddling children and not encouraging them to learn anything that will help them as adults to find work, or evaluate politics and political candidates, or to determine if our policies (both domestic and foreign affairs) make any sense at all.  A great leap forward?  There again the answer is a reverberating NO.

Do we feel safe from attacks here at home by radical jihadists that are based in the middle ease

Do our citizens have any confidence at all in the ability of our government to be frugal with the money they steal from us every April 15th?  Let’s see, the answer to that would be NO!

The list of things that make me angry is actually endless, isn’t it?

But who am I angry with?  Obama?  Reid and Pelosi?  McConnell and Boehner?  Yes, all of them.  But they aren’t the only ones who are guilty of letting America’s citizens down.  Almost every single elected official, at any level in the Federal, state or local governments qualifies.

Who else?  How about every single individual who thinks that showing up at the polls every other year is all that they need to do to protect themselves from these political vultures?  How about all those who think if they think “positive thoughts” and have “positive feelings”, they’ve have covered their responsibilities?  Is that enough?  Why is the application of their intelligence excluded, so long as they all sing Kumbaya in unison?

Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians and Socialists, the rank and file of any and all political parties have the same flaw.  They allow the existence of politicians, regardless of their professed beliefs and baseless promises, that all want the same thing.  Power.  Personal power for themselves.

Barack Obama has a rabid case of this power craving disease.  But there are many others that are in our government, but who I thought would have been more discreet in their attempts to garner more of this apparently powerful aphrodisiac.

Now, the antics of Hillary Clinton has put the final cherry on the cake by telling the world that she, and ONLY she, will be the Decider-in-Chief as to what is legal and what is not.  Is it even possible for her to be an improvement over Obama?

Published at Canada Free Press on March 13, 2015


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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2 Responses to Am I Angry?

  1. Pete Morin says:

    I came to the conclusion long ago that it’s all about power with just about every political representative in Washington. The Democrats care about their party first, their political survival second and the country third( perhaps not at all).

    I’m completely disgusted with our political system and will no longer vote for either Republicans or Democrats. Both are concerned only with expanding the welfare state and turning over their Constitutional duties to the fourth branch of government, that being the bureaucracy.

    As I’ve said before, we are finished as a Constitutional Republic. Sorry to be pessimistic, but we must now focus our energies on personal survival. Soon the debt that our irresponsible representatives have accrued will come home to destroy us. It takes ages to create a civil society, but a very short period of time to destroy one.

    Welcome to an America where it’s every man for him(her)self.

  2. Todd says:

    These are NOT the darkest of days for us here in America. Rather, I would opine that they are becoming filled with the brightness of American Patriotism, love of country, and willingness to ACT. Although it is easy to see the atrocious actions of our elected officials around us as something which has harmed us, beaten us down, and tarnished our republic, it is often harder to see the atrocious INACTION of the People who have tolerated it and allowed it to spurn. It is easier to point the finger than it is to self-critique.
    We, the People, are the parents of our gov’t. We, the People, are the responsible parties. We, the People, have been given not just ideals, but tangible LAW of a federation to parent our child.
    Akin to a mother, a father, who allows their own child to not only make the rules, but enforce them within the household – we find ourselves with nothing but a spoiled brat with no more knowledge of what the laws where than what the laws stood for – what the laws protected for even themselves.
    We, the People – through our general blasé attitudes, through frustration, through the ‘you can’t fight city hall’ mentality have felt beaten down into apathy; we have spoiled our child and allowed it to not only run rampant through our living rooms, but to run rampant across the neighborhood of the globe – all for the ‘special interests’ of the spoiled child and his supporters.

    We, the People. We, the Parents. We, the RESPONSIBLE.

    NEVER question your personal duty as an American to parent, reward, and punish the child you are responsible for. Your power can never be lost unless you give it away.
    Our American federal gov’t is an ilk of spoiled, insolent brats which have come to learn that you don’t care, that they can do as they please, that they can spin and lie to their parents the truth behind their twisted, self serving agendas. I will start the list with such imps as Hillary Clinton and Obama. Feel free to add to the list those you know to be of the same ilk.
    In the end, the list – no matter its eventual length – will carry the names of those that We, the People – We, the Parents – have spoiled and given up on. UNTIL NOW.

    A parent will only take so much before their foot comes down, the belts come off, and the ‘political incorrectness’ of a severe beating ensues out behind the barn. Some parents tolerate only the tinges of insolences, while others may carry on under its destructive effects seemingly for ages before they ‘crack’. This is where we are today, I would think. Some ‘parents’ long since ready to commence paddling, while others have yet to come to the eventual truth that they must in order to stop the rampage that is spoiled self serving behavior in our child.
    This is the rift in correction we see today – parents ready to grab the earlobe of the brat and commence correction arguing with parents who still think the child will ‘self correct’ at the mere display of our parental anger.

    Do you think this is so -that the rampaging brat will fervently, reliably, and unequivocally relinquish the power over the household at the simple threat of a beating? Or, will it take the application of that beating to drive the point home?

    I say the beating is in order. It will be ugly as the child screams like a demon under its correction and lashes about against our restraining hands. Not as ugly, however, if we continue to allow the brat to run amok as it grows more and more teeth – as those teeth fall away to make room for the permanent and sharp teeth of adulthood.

    I see the light, not the darkness, that awaits us all. The light of liberty, freedom, and faithful governance. The light of our reward for FINALLY doling out the punishment amongst the cries of parents who still cannot see through their blindness of denial, through their blindness of cowardice towards the correction, through their laziness in doling out the tough punishments.

    The majority will prevail but that majority of parents will have to mete out correction amongst the boat anchors of the attitudes and actions of the unwilling, the cowards, the afraid, and the apathetic. Mayhap, too, this is a good thing because the parents who have had enough, the parents who have removed their belts, may just go too far and beat the insolent child to death without the restraint of the scared, meek, and cowardly to hold them back.

    The parents have begun to stir in these days. They have become to show their distaste and their displeasure at the brood which they have fostered in their inaction and non-practice of the laws of their own home.
    They approach the child that is the fed gov’t with the spanking paddle of liberty. So far, they have used that paddle predominantly towards correction of the self interest of the Democratic party. The truth is self evident in the outcomes of our last major elections.
    In turning their attention to punishing the brats within the Democratic Party, they have rewarded the Republican child by lending forth the idea that the Dems are paying for the sins of all – simply by default that the parent struck out at that brat first.
    If they do not learn from the punishment of others, I have no sympathy for them when it becomes their turn. My point is to say that ALL in gov’t must fear the People, the Parent, NOT the People fearing the gov’t.

    Think about your own child – your son, your daughter. Do you fear them? Can you even imagine fearing them? What makes us so fearful of the child that is our gov’t? I opine any fear we may have stems from the control we KNOW we have given them. OUR control. We used to know how powerful the control granted us through our Constitution made us. Perhaps that is why we now fear those who have taken it and wielded it against us. We know – or used to know – the ass whooping that power could produce.

    That power is OURS now as it always was. A patriot would cringe at the sight of those cowering in fear. A Patriot would find disgust and revulsion in the unwarranted fear we, as a whole, demonstrate.

    Our child, in serving its OWN interests (oil, wealth, dominance, POWER, more POWER) has killed, has oppressed, has degraded others not just here in the living room, but in the neighborhood of the globe as a whole. All for more POWER – yet they often tell the parents who fear them it is for their very own protection, it is for the heartstring ideals of righteousness. They lie, they lie, they lie to garnish the approvals of the parents – (just as the spoiled child), for it is easier to lie than it is to swim against the truth when you wish to degrade others for your own profits of money, power, and control.

    These are not dark days, these are days which are beginning to glimmer with the twinkle of new light, of righteous light, of corrective light. Light which is illuminating the targets of the spoiled and insolent’s asses.

    Do not give up. Do not relent due to the scared cries the brat hollers as he is being dragged out behind the barn, for the punishment has not yet even begun. If you believe him, if you believe his cries of ‘I won’t do it anymore’ without driving your point home through the skin of his ass, you should expect the child to see you as many of us are – all talk, no action. The behavior will re-commence the second you walk back into the house.

    I say it is high time to completely purge our gov’t. To cast our spoiled children into adoption to families and parents better suited to raise such abominations. Parents, if you will, in China, Korea, Russia, Iran, for these parents are much more qualified to understand the whims of a power hungry and spoiled brat than We, the People.
    In the end, if you do not act now you shall deserve what every non-corrective parent of an insolent imp gets – ultimate disrespect, betrayal, and the blame for their behavior. Blame which soon brings punishment upon their heads.

    ACT NOW, for it is just about the very last chance you will have to do so. Your power has been usurped. How does it feel? Are you angry yet? The man who wrote this article is. He has acted. In his actions, he has prompted the words which you have just read. He has bolstered another ‘parent’ into action for the cause of Constitutional law.
    Just do it and, if you find you can’t, do not hinder those who choose to act on your behalf for being scared is almost excusable – (we all have our reasons) – but anchoring the dreams of others with that fear is NOT.

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