A Circular Firing Squad Isn’t Just a Joke

The GOP does more than simply aid and abet Democrats desire to destroy America. It appears the GOP is even more dedicated to destroying themselves.

Let’s face it, there really are sixteen Republicans angling for the nomination of their party:

     Jeb Bush (governor – FL)

     Dr. Ben Carson

     Chris Christie (governor – NJ)

     Ted Cruz (senator – TX)

     Carly Fiorina (CEO – CA)

     Lindsey Graham (senator – SC)

     Mike Huckabee (governor – AR)

     Bobby Jindal (governor – LA)

     John Kasich (governor – OH)

     George Pataki (governor – NY)

     Rand Paul (senator – KY)

     Rick Perry (governor – TX)

     Marco Rubio (senator – FL)

     Rick Santorum (senator – PA)

     Donald Trump (CEO – NY)

     Scott Walker (governor – WI)

That’s eight men with experience as state Governors, five that are (or have been) U.S. Senators, two are (or were) CEOs of major corporations and one who is a noted pediatric surgeon. One of the CEOs is female, two of the Senators are of Hispanic descent, and one candidate is of Indian ancestry while another is African-American.

When you have sixteen GOP candidates for the presidency all they do is suck oxygen out of the air and money out of donor’s wallets that will be wasted. I say “wasted” only because Hillary won’t have that same problem. The money she gets out of all her donors will be spent solely on defeating whoever the GOP candidate ends up being.

Realistically how much money will be left after these sixteen GOP candidates spend the year cutting each other to ribbons? How much could possibly be left to go after Hillary? Would it be possible for them to overwhelm the Democrats and their fund raising machine?

In addition, these sixteen individuals, each with a massive ego, are following in the footsteps of a GOP Congress that cannot possibly come to an agreement on what plan should be offered to the voters to replace Obamacare are available, and as well as being one upon which they can agree, that might be what they should all be pushing until the actual election. Keep in mind, Obamacare is not popular with the American voter.  Ignoring what the Supreme Court thinks of what might happen to the nation if they declare the law, as written, to be unconstitutional, multiple polls indicate that voters view Obamacare to be simply a very bad law.

Sadly, Republicans have nothing to offer as an alternative.  Nothing.

Republican leadership, embodied by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, is sadly lacking in the ability to overcome the inertia that results from undirected diversity of opinion and variety of suggested solutions to the healthcare issue any. Or any other problem facing us.

Opposing this, the Democrat Party takes a virtually monolithic approach to any political issue. There are usually no differences of opinion within the party and there are no differences of delivery of message. As much as Democrat ideas are suspect (at the very least), one must admire the incredible discipline that’s exerted over Democrat rank-and-file.

Intellectual independence is an admirable trait as well, so long as that intellectual independence is exhibited only within a caucus meeting. Allowing an intraparty policy dispute to be discussed in public simply shows the lack of unity behind a cohesive idea to the entire nation. And this is not simply a matter of theory. There are sixteen people vying for the GOP nomination for the 2016 election, but GOP leadership is currently unable to tell all sixteen potential candidates that here are the ground rules, that this is the map we’re trying to use to guide the nation out of our very own domestic quagmire.

Democrats don’t seem to have any concerns about exposing their beliefs. Their ideas of “what the nation really needs” is their idea of a platform. In essence the Democrats answer to every problem is raise taxes, increase spending and exert even greater control over every citizen’s behavior. Unfortunately there are some Republican presidential candidates who mouthed the words that sound very similar, particularly ideas that can be reduced to them exercising that same increase in control over the people.

The first thing that the Republican candidates need to do is quietly get together and decide what the basic platform of the Republican Party has to be. Setting themselves up for an intraparty fight is a waste of time and effort. If that’s the way they’re going to run this campaign they ought to just admit defeat at this point save everyone a lot of money and aggravation and just tell Hillary “Fine go take the oath of office. We’re done”, because that’s exactly what will happen.

Backing up the Republican candidates Republican members of the House and the Senate have to begin immediately and come up with a singular, unified plan for replacing Obamacare. Not just a plan to replace it but prepare an actual, detailed plan with model legislation of what they plan to submit to the next president to repeal Obamacare and what they will replace it with. Based on the difficulty even Obama’s most devoted minions had in coming up with their comprehensive plan should indicate to these people that “it ain’t as easy as it looks.” It took years for the Democrats to come up with a codified health care plan, poor as it turned out to be. Why should they think they can knock such a plan over one weekend? But under current Republican leadership the GOP has apparently decided not to waste their time until they’re sure their boy (or girl) will be the new President? Not an admirable attitude regardless of who the new president is, whether they are a Democrat or Republican.  After all, Obamacare is recognized by both parties as an utter disaster.

While the Democrats have vigorously defended Obamacare it’s certainly not because they believe it’s a great law. Nor is it because they believe Obama’s a great (or even competent) President. On the other hand, they know if they admit publicly that Obamacare is an utter disaster it’s going to cost them seats in both houses of Congress in the November 2016 election. A lot of seats. The loss of electoral power is more feared than the loss of a spouse or child from their family.

Many politicians would imagine that at least if they lost a family member they might get some voter sympathy. Although that might sound incredibly cold I realize, but based on the behavior any of us (if not all of us) have seen since we started paying attention to politics it’s an inescapable conclusion. But admitting that they supported a law that was hated by more than half the electorate would force them to see what other career opportunities existed for them in their home towns after the election.

Obamacare is not the only issue that the herd of candidates has to address.  Foreign relations, the strength of our national defense, the over-reach of the Federal micromanagers and their gleeful regulation binge on steroids.  But all sixteen of these men and women have to sing out of the same hymn book to sell the idea to as many voters as possible that it’s not enough to simply change the individual who sits in the Oval Office, but change the overall policy of the Federal government and its relationship to those citizens who are suffering because of the government itself.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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