Just a Few Questions

After listening for several weeks now to Donald Trump’s wild claims regarding his plans, his view of the world, his incredible skills (at just about everything), I have a couple of questions that he needs to answer for me.

Mr. Trump, you claim to be extraordinary at negotiating or “deal making” in your chosen business. Even taking that for granted, do you realize that being good in one field doesn’t mean you’re good in every field? We all know that Tiger Woods is an exceptional professional athlete. But in the way that you keep telling every potential voter what a great deal maker you are and that this skill means that you would make a stellar President, it appears that you would also believe that since Woods is a great golfer, it must also mean that he should be a great football player. Are you the only person in the world who thinks that way? I only ask because I’ve never encountered anyone else who would possibly assume that a great lawyer would make a fantastic legislator.

Do you really think that threatening a lawsuit demanding millions, if not billions, of dollars from your opponents in the field of foreign affairs would be as effective as it has been for you in the field of business? Have you ever seen that approach work anywhere at any time in history? Have you ever even investigated whether or not that approach has ever worked in the past?

How do you plan on approaching a reluctant Congress who doesn’t plan to pass legislation that you would prefer? Are you simply going to tell Congress “You’re fired”? Or do you simply plan on attacking Congress and telling them, collectively, that they’re “losers”, “idiots”, or simply a rant accusing them all of being utterly incompetent?

What is your strategy regarding management? Do you actually have a strategy that you’ve used in the past? Other than doing your very best to abuse, embarrass, and terrorize anyone who disagrees with you?

What role do you see being played in your administration by your current wife? Do you think she’ll make a good representative of the American people while you meet with foreign leaders? She’s obviously a very beautiful woman, but to date there doesn’t seem to be any information about her educational background, or what areas that attract her special interest and could help rally the citizens of this country into supporting any program she may or may not have?

You may feel that this is none of our business, but I hate to share with you an idea with which I am sure you are not very familiar. You see, Mr. Trump, as President of the United States, you are not simply “The Boss”. Possibly, for the first time in your life, you, sir, are an employee. Yes, you are supposed to use these fantastic managerial skills that you claim to possess to execute laws and policies that are created by Congress. Unless of course, you plan to use Barack Obama as your role model for how governance of this nation is to be executed. You should I hope keep in mind that the chief executive executes policy and directs governance of the Executive Branch.

The chief executive does not rule the country. The Chief Executive has to lead and convince people to support the policies, the laws, the goals and the ideals that have been established long before he blessed Washington with his presence. Again, not to shock you senseless, but unless you change your public attitude and persona from one of being an arrogant tyrant imitating the behavior of Barack Obama you will never be nominated…for any elected position.  We’ve had nearly seven years of that type of “leadership”, and frankly, sir, the people of this nation have had more than enough of that style of government by dictator.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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One Response to Just a Few Questions

  1. Pete Morin says:

    Excellent article, Jim. You hit it right when you mentioned Trump as a ‘boss’, but will have to become an employee. That’s one job he’s never managed to be good at. The sooner Trump is gone from the Republican field the better.

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