What Did He Just Say?

For seven years, or perhaps a bit more, we’ve listened to Barack Hussein Obama say things to us as a nation where the vast majority of people went “What did he just say?”

Now I can even accept that, in the heat of the moment, anyone including the president of the United States can misspeak. What I find nearly impossible to accept is the nonsense that pours endlessly out of Obama’s mouth about nearly everything he wants to accomplish.

I can’t decide if the man is ill and medically delusionary, or if he simply believes that having been elected twice to the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth, he actually has a speaking ability similar to Adolf Hitler. Hitler had the same gift of convincing ordinary Germans of the same type of nonsense that Obama has used to convince ordinary Americans of his nonsense.

Rational scientists have indicated that we have not had any global warming for about 19 years. But Obama tends to ignore that and blames this nonexistent global warming for a very existential terrorist threat. Is he a fool? What’s even more frightening, is that there are actually people who have been processed through America’s questionable school system who buy this nonsense. This type of thing makes you unsure of what your response to this situation should be. Should you be sad? Should you be incensed? Should you be furious?

Rational people when confronted with mass homicides do not have an automatic “knee-jerk” reaction that the real culprit here is lack of gun control. But for Barack Obama, his inability to utterly control the ownership of firearms frustrates him significantly more than his inability to protect the citizens of this country.

His reaction to the senseless deaths or wounding of approximately thirty-one people in San Bernardino, California, was entirely focused on the lack of sufficient gun-control. It’s not the fault of the two or three Islamic citizens who committed such a heinous act, it’s the fault of lax government oversight of who is allowed to own guns. His sycophants, who spout more related nonsense that these killings were prompted by “workplace violence”, are citing the normal Democrat “talking points” that are used time and time again to push forward the Democrat/progressive agenda that would allow them to control everything. Not just that they want to control gun ownership, but how much and what children are going to be allowed to eat in school, that who would be allowed, even encouraged, to use restrooms not based on genetic gender but based on the gender mood a person is in that day.

Since Islam takes a similar view of the proper order of the world, where they are in charge and must approve of anything and everything, why would anyone question how Obama and his band of progressive warriors would prefer to blame everything and anything that they can’t control for the causes of anything that raises hackles among every American?

At this time, factual information being released by the law enforcement authorities in San Bernardino do not answer all the questions the people of this country have. Unless Obama has a special hidden pipeline of information that lets him determine that gun control, controls that he would exercise, is a much more pressing issue than the reason for two individuals to brutally slaughter fourteen and wound seventeen ordinary people had assembled for what should have been a pleasant afternoon’s party celebrating the season.

Regardless of what the actual reason for this spree of murder, based on Obama’s response to almost every critical situation he has been faced with since he became president, it appears very unlikely that we will actually ever hear the truth.

With that in mind, I find it very troubling to think he might be replaced by someone just like him.



About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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