Think It Can’t Be Worse?

Published Oct. 14, 2016 at American Thinker


After nearly eight years under the “leadership” of Barack Obama, most Americans looked forward to the election of 2016. Yet, when the primaries were finally said and done, and the candidates selected to represent the Republican and the Democrat parties resulted in a massive boost in the sales of Pepto-Bismol throughout the United States.

Almost every person that I’ve spoken to in the past six months expressed, in multiple (and frequently very creative) ways, that they believe that this is possibly the worst matchup in the history of the Republic.  They tell me again and again that it couldn’t be worse, that we have a choice that results in a selection of “really bad” or “much worse”.

Believing that this is the worst it could be is wishful thinking at its most extreme. Imagine if you will a national election that consisted of David Duke versus Charlie Manson. I submit that would be worse, when you consider one of them would actually win.

There really isn’t very much that can be done in the next four weeks that will ease the deep-seated fear of what will happen to our nation regardless of which one of these people is elected.

So what are we able to do, at least be able to plan on doing over the next four years?

If you think this is a unique situation, please look back to 1854. So disgusted with the unacceptable choices presented by the Democrat party versus the Whig party, a new party was formed, namely the Republican Party. And six years later the Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln as their candidate to guide the United States of America.

Not really a bad choice, was it?

It would seem that the nation is facing the exact same issue today. We have abysmally corrupt political parties that claim to offer leadership while they simply line their own pockets and scramble for more personal power.

This very scenario has been acted out time and time again, over the whole world. Rapacious men and women, hungry for power and wealth, scramble and claw their way to the top of the political structure. What type of political structure they were working to control is almost immaterial. Today, as in 1854, we struggle for control over a democratically designed Republic. But ordinary folk, the common man (and woman, of course) have risen time and again in rebellion against the elites. Just a few years after America declared its independence from the monarchy of Great Britain, thousands of lives were spent to ensure that those Great Britain’s monarchy considered their elite would no longer dominate the citizens of America.

In a mere 60 years after that, the government of France went through a similar, and very bloody, revolution. Their elites weren’t simply banned from France, they were beheaded.

Losing an election, by comparison, doesn’t sound too bad does it?

So it appears that we have to select the least repulsive candidate we can determine on November 8th.

But I submit that a 2nd choice must also be made. I believe the time is come for us to repeat what happened in 1854.

No, not form a new Republican Party. Form a replacement for the current Republican Party and start selecting honest men and women to run for Congress and state offices in 2018. The key word in that sentence is “honest”.  Begin before the new president that we will be stuck with actually takes office in seeking candidates to replace them in 2020.

Those that believe this may be the only way to eliminate the corruption that has been embedded in the political party called Republican, will have to search for an honest man or woman to run for president in 2020 has to start immediately.

Why must the search begin immediately? Because finding an honest man or woman isn’t exactly easy.  Think about how successful the Greek philosopher Diogenes Laërtius was when he took his lantern and held it up to the faces of his fellow citizens.

When Diogenes was asked what he was doing, walking around in broad daylight with a lit lantern, he responded “I am looking for an honest man.”

Now we too must go looking for honest men and women.  Uncorrupted men and women.  Idealistic realists (or perhaps it should be a realistic idealists).

Perhaps, if we are extremely lucky, we will find such people. Even though we have to sift through over 315 million people in this country, I find it hard to believe we can’t find even one. But if we can’t, I suppose we’d all have to change our names to Diogenes.


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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2 Responses to Think It Can’t Be Worse?

  1. Pete Morin says:

    The reference to 1854 may be instructive as to the emergence of the Republican Party, but please don’t forget the other effect of political meltdown relevant to the time: the Civil War. Just as much slavery divided the nation in 1854, the total corruption of this bloated federal leviathan could lead to the extinction of the Republic. The Republican Party may pass away, but Hillary won’t stop pursuing her goal(which is the Democrat Party goal as well) of an all powerful state intruding upon every area of our daily lives.

    As I see it, there are simply too many people feeding at the federal trough to understand what a loss of personal freedom means to a dim witted constantly “tweeting” populous. The lure of easy money, and the ability to vote to take the fruits of someone else’s labors, has finished this country.

    Keep writing, Jim. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren may one day discover your articles and ask themselves what freedom of the press and freedom of speech were.

    And lastly, No, Ben. We were not able to keep it.

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