An Interesting Commonality of Choice

I’ll admit to being perhaps a little slower of thought than I’d been when I was much younger, but even for me this thought crossed my mind about a week too late.

The shock to the left from the election of Donald Trump as our next president led many of them to threaten to relocate to Canada.

Let me say that again, these knee-jerk liberals have threatened to deprive us of their company because they personally didn’t vote for Donald Trump. As a result they think that a threat to move to Canada will upset everyone else in the United States.

Tell me, do you feel upset that we might lose their presence? And perhaps you might take note that these paragons and champions of diversity are all going to Canada.

The mainstream media chose to ignore (or simply were too mentally numb to realize) the fact that these very same people, who have threatened America with the loss of their incomparable talent, was that every one of them chose to go to Canada.

I saw no announcements that any of these egocentric entertainers (and you never see doctors, lawyers or autoworkers threatening to move to anywhere) were planning to relocate, as a protest, to Mexico.

None threatened to move to Cuba, not even the redoubtable Michael Moore.

There were no threats to move somewhere in Africa, nor in the Muslim Middle East. Likewise there were no threats to relocate to the People’s Republic of China, or the People’s Republic of North Korea or Russia. There was no rush to get a visa to travel to Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Nope, no one apparently thought those countries would welcome them with open arms. Canada, in their minds, would of course welcome them since they must be militantly diverse.  I have to assume that Canada’s population (as of 2011) being 67.3% Christian and only 3.2% Muslim was a real draw for them.  Yeah, that’s a mixture that just screams diversity, don’t you think?

But these brilliant individuals, who are absolutely sure they are much smarter than the average American “deplorable” and believe they should set the pace for increasing diversity in this great nation apparently wish to move to a nation that does not require them to learn a new language, to blend in with a racially and religiously distinct majority, and yet be allowed to pop back and forth across their new border to their old country at will to continue making multi-millions of dollars singing us mindless drivel or acting in mindless movies.

Sounds like just the kind of leaders this country needs doesn’t it?


About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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