Look at All Those Empty Chairs…

Now that Inauguration Day is upon us, what should President-elect Donald Trump do or say in  response to the nonsense exhibited by Congressman John Lewis (and other Democrats) who feel they just can’t sit and listen to our next president take over leadership of our country over a period of only an hour or two without completely melting down?

Since Congressman Lewis feels it is impossible to control his behavior for a mere hour or two in the face of someone he disagrees with, he has chosen to absent himself from actually attending the inauguration ceremony for Donald Trump.  So there will be an empty chair that should have been occupied by Congressman Louis, but won’t be. It should remain empty.

Of course, based on news reports, that would not be the only empty chair that had been reserved for members of Congress since approximately sixty other Democrats have felt impelled to withdraw themselves from attending the inauguration.

Now if I were Donald Trump, I would remember a line from the movie The Godfather: “Revenge is a dish that tastes best when cold.”

It would be beneath our new president to make acerbic comments about the absence of sixty Democrats during the inaugural ceremonies.  Absenting themselves can only be seen with the same eyes, and the same attitude, mature adults would have in watching immature children running around with their hands over their ears while screaming “La..La..La..La..La!  I can’t hear you!”

I would not, however, try to pretend that there was nothing unusual going on.  I would go to the master of ceremonies for the inauguration and insist that the sixty or so seats that were reserved for Democratic Party members not be used for anyone else.  I would demand that the master of ceremonies move every single one of those seats together.  And leave them together. And leave them empty.  I would want them not only isolated but be able to be clearly seen and photographed, videographed and televised as a gaping hole in the audience.

If I were “the Donald”, I would have my inaugural address modified so that portions of that speech would be addressed directly at those empty seats.  I would tell the remaining audience members something similar to “I’m sorry that those sixty odd people are not present to hear what I’m about to say.”  Then address the absent members of Congress explaining what his goals for the nation and his plans for his administration are over the next four years.

Addressing empty chairs is not a particularly new idea.  Anyone who has paid attention to politics over the past eight years I’m sure remembers the memorable address by Clint Eastwood to an empty chair during the 2012 Republican convention.

The fact that President Trump would address empty chairs would plainly emphasize which of the two political parties we suffer through every day is the current source of discord and demonstrates an unwillingness to even listen to anyone else’s ideas.

It’s the kind of thing that will make ordinary citizens begin to wonder which group can be classed as mature and which must be classed as childish.

About Jim Yardley

Retired after 30 years as a financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a two-tour Vietnam veteran, and independent voter.
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1 Response to Look at All Those Empty Chairs…

  1. Pete Morin says:

    One can disrespect Donald Trump all they like, but this isn’t just about Trump; it’s about the institution of the presidency. Disagreement, even disgust with, Trump’s blather during the campaign is understandable. To purposely avoid the ceremony that has endured for over two hundred years is a slap in the face not only to those that voted for Trump, but to those who have defended this nation so that the event to take place on January 20th will continue to be the hallmark of our republic.

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