About Jim Yardley

I am a retired financial controller who has worked for large manufacturing firms located in New York, California, Massachusetts and Tennessee over the past 30 years.  My retirement lasted about a week, and then I started my own small company, just so that I didn’t go crazy (or, more honestly, drive my beautiful bride crazy).

I’m a Vietnam veteran, and that fun-filled experience left me with little enthusiasm for organized politics until ten or twelve years ago.  But the eras of “Tricky Dick” Nixon, Carter the Peanut Farmer, and Bill and Hillary (and let’s not forget Monica) disgusted me, and it was then that I started paying more attention.

I’m a graduate of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, with both a B.S. and an M.B.A.

Obama and the Progressives crystalized the basic issues that face America, and the birth of my two grandsons prompted me to speak out.  This blog is one outlet.

I’ve had over 350 articles published in American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Canada Free Press and The Absurd Report as well as the 70 or 80 original essays that appear here.

Posting comments is strongly encouraged.  After all, for an exchange of ideas and viewpoints, it takes at least two people talking.  And, frankly, the more the merrier.  Or, if you prefer, email me at  james.v.yardley@gmail.com.

The whole purpose of this blog is to foster new ways of thinking about our problems, and encourage discussion and debate.  And for those who are from countries outside the United States, please feel free to toss in your opinions as well.  At last count, there are folks from 46 nations who have visited this blog, so the more the merrier.

This blog wasn’t created just for me to pontificate. The only person who has a right to pontificate is the Pope. After all he IS the Pontiff, so pontificating is actually in his job description.  It’s not in mine.  And I’ll assume, it’s not in yours either.  I try to communicate my opinions and occasionally suggest solutions to the problems facing our nation.  While I tend to be conservative in my outlook, I am not a Republican or a Democrat.  I just try to see the best way forward that at least 50% plus one of our citizens can live with.

11 Responses to About Jim Yardley

  1. My last cow just died, so I won’t need your bull anymore.

  2. Rather says:

    So pontificating is actually in his job description. It’s not in mine. And I’ll assume, it’s not in your’s either..

    So you’re against a female Pope?

    • Jim Yardley says:

      So I’m against a female Pope? Oh, I see, because I refer to it as HIS job. Well, since the Pope actually is a guy, at least right now anyway, I think that would be at least grammatically correct, if not politically correct. If you’re looking for someone who writes in adherence to the Manual of Political Correctness, you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. I’m inordinately proud of the women in my life: my wife, my daughter, my niece. And I have enormous respect for women in general, with the possible exception of vacuous supermodels, or reality show stars who use their gender as their defining characteristic. But to insinuate that I’m against the idea of a female Pope? Sounds like a really bad case of projection.

  3. MarkNic says:

    Great stuff here, Jim. I’ll be back as a frequent visitor. Bookmarked.

  4. Do you have a facebook page where I can “friend” you?

  5. Ford Willey lll says:

    Your article of 7/4/12 American Thinker has drawn me to your blog.

  6. jk says:

    My father is a two-tour Viet Nam vet, too, so I want to extend to you my thanks for your service.

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