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I’ll Bet You Thought That You were just a Regular Guy

I ran across something that made me wonder just how many others have realized the same things and felt the same way.  I’d love to tell you that I was just incredibly brilliant and came up with this list on … Continue reading

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An Interesting Commonality of Choice

I’ll admit to being perhaps a little slower of thought than I’d been when I was much younger, but even for me this thought crossed my mind about a week too late. The shock to the left from the election … Continue reading

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When Does Decency Triumph?

The recent Supreme Court decision announcing that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right is now viewed in many cases as an imprimatur over all aspects of homosexual demands on the rest of society. If a same-sex couple wishes to marry, … Continue reading

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Life Gets Better with Age

An old friend always seems to have an endless stream of jokes, so this one surprised me.  Truth, or maybe I should say  TRUTH, doesn’t always come wrapped in a PhD, or is pronounced from a pulpit or from the … Continue reading

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When did the word “Negotiate” become the New Synonym for “Surrender”?

Published at Canada Free Press on April 13, 2015 Being too old to have enjoyed the benefits of being educated using what is euphemistically referred to as “Common Core”, some of us might not be aware that in addition to … Continue reading

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Sometimes the target is so BIG, you just can’t resist taking a few shots


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Like We Used to Say in the Army: Hurry Up and Wait

Don’t the members of the main stream media ever notice that when the people of this country want something that they believe is necessary, this administration drags its feet for a ludicrous amount of time before any action is contemplated, … Continue reading

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A Few Random Thoughts

As thoughts run through my head (or perhaps stumble would be a more accurate characterization) I write them down.  I usually think to myself “Hmmm, this might be good for an article”.  But it isn’t always.  Sometimes it’s just an … Continue reading

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And you thought OUR government was regulation happy?

I ran across an article today that made me offer a (mental only) apology to the EPA, the Department of Education et al for all the evil thoughts I’ve sent their way regarding their generation of minute and senseless intrusions … Continue reading

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I Am Offended by Your Compliment!

There are five (yep, count ‘em – only five) allegedly Native Americans who are so upset by the term “Redskins” that they have sought help from the government to help them suppress this oppressive abuse caused by the use of … Continue reading

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