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Like We Used to Say in the Army: Hurry Up and Wait

Don’t the members of the main stream media ever notice that when the people of this country want something that they believe is necessary, this administration drags its feet for a ludicrous amount of time before any action is contemplated, … Continue reading

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A Few Random Thoughts

As thoughts run through my head (or perhaps stumble would be a more accurate characterization) I write them down.  I usually think to myself “Hmmm, this might be good for an article”.  But it isn’t always.  Sometimes it’s just an … Continue reading

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And you thought OUR government was regulation happy?

I ran across an article today that made me offer a (mental only) apology to the EPA, the Department of Education et al for all the evil thoughts I’ve sent their way regarding their generation of minute and senseless intrusions … Continue reading

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I Am Offended by Your Compliment!

There are five (yep, count ‘em – only five) allegedly Native Americans who are so upset by the term “Redskins” that they have sought help from the government to help them suppress this oppressive abuse caused by the use of … Continue reading

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You Might Be a Democrat If …

• You own something that says, “Dukakis for President” and still display it. • You’ve ever said, “We really should call the ACLU about this.” • You believe that a few hundred loggers can find another career, but the defenseless … Continue reading

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A Republican’s Nightmare? Really?

As the 2014 mid-term elections move inexorably closer, political pundits are burning up their word processors. They are trying to explain how (a) the political parties will fare in the battle for control of Congress and (b) who will be … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance for the Masses

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological disorder that occurs when an individual has two diametrically opposed thoughts at the same time. Most people suffer this at one time or another, usually for only a short period until they make a choice … Continue reading

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The New Obamacare Business Model

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Frequently someone will come up with a new idea that results in a groundswell of positive reaction from people all over the nation.  We’ve all seen it from time to time.  Hoola hoops are a perfect example. Yes, it’s a … Continue reading

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A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words!

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Group Portrait of our State Department Discussing the Situation in Ukraine and Crimea              ‘Nuff Said?

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The Perfect Explanation

As the Obama Administration continues to flounder about what should be their brilliant response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion and de facto annexation of the Ukrainian province of Crimea, many of our fellow citizens wonder why the “smartest guy in the … Continue reading

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