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Religious Dogma or Political Manifesto?

Islamic leaders are playing all of us, constantly using our nation’s respect for religion, all religions, against us. As long as we treat Islam as a religion, and only a religion, they have the advantage.  It would be politically incorrect … Continue reading

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Silvio Canto Jr. and I discuss Obama’s Leadership (If that’s what it is)

During our weekly discussion, Silvio and I talk about President Obama’s decision to display his ignorance of history in alluding to the Crusades as the only cause of contemporary jihadist attacks.  He decided to blame Christians for the whole terrorist … Continue reading

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So, What Do YOU Think?

Ever heard that question before?  From anyone?  And did you ever hear that question and think to yourself, “Yeah, like you want to hear my answer to that one!” Besides doubting the sincerity of the questioner being truly interested in … Continue reading

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Racial Magic

Exactly why do Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Bill de Blasio, Eric Holder and other racialist hucksters go out of their way to get black Americans upset?  They shout “The cops are killing you!”  Yeah, that will work.  It … Continue reading

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De Blasio and the Biggest Band of Brothers

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City and political fellow traveler of our president, Barack Hussein Obama, our Attorney General Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. and our (well, to be more accurate, somebody’s) Race-Hustler-in-Chief, the Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton, … Continue reading

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Silvio Canto and I discuss the situation in Ferguson

Another Saturday morning coffee with Silvio Canto, this week speaking to the situation in Ferguson and the racial impact of the shooting. You can listen to the whole show here.

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Talking with Silvio Canto, Jr. over Saturday Morning Coffee

Once again I was invited on Silvio Canto’s radio program to discuss a variety of topics from the Lois Lerner e-mail fiasco to the need to increase employment.  Here is the link to a tape of Silvio’s show. Talking to … Continue reading

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Diversity for Thee, But Not For Me

The Progressive mantra of “diversity über alles” is one of the most honored shibboleths in the pantheon of the stated beliefs held by those on the left. Like all shibboleths, it is a test to see if common folk are … Continue reading

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I Am Offended by Your Compliment!

There are five (yep, count ‘em – only five) allegedly Native Americans who are so upset by the term “Redskins” that they have sought help from the government to help them suppress this oppressive abuse caused by the use of … Continue reading

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Can Obama and Holder Actually Be Any Dumber?

Dinesh D’Souza is a name that is familiar to many, if not most, people on the right, and a self-selected few on the left who cannot abide anyone who will not cave in to their demands for abject obedience to … Continue reading

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