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Dealing with the United Nations

Published 12/27/2016 at Canada Free Press The current imbroglio at the United Nations triggered by the abstention of the United States government during the Security Council vote on a measure which condemned the government of Israel over the building of … Continue reading

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How Could the Polls be So Far Off?

Published Nov. 10, 2016 at Canada Free Press The post-mortem on the 2016 election has now begun (and will probably continue for the next dozen election cycles) trying to identify for both Democrats and Republicans how badly the polls performed.  The … Continue reading

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How a Liberal Defines Words (and Ignores the Dictionary)

Published on Oct, 19, 2016 at American Thinker It sort of makes you wonder what kind of medication politicians are using these days. Words don’t always mean what a dictionary says they mean and this “alternative definition” appears to be … Continue reading

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Think It Can’t Be Worse?

Published Oct. 14, 2016 at American Thinker   After nearly eight years under the “leadership” of Barack Obama, most Americans looked forward to the election of 2016. Yet, when the primaries were finally said and done, and the candidates selected … Continue reading

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How Long Will a Trump Presidency Last? (Before an Impeachment, that is)

I always find it comforting to read stacks of other people’s opinions (assuming they agree with my opinions) but every now and then these published opinions seem to miss fairly obvious points. After reading reports of Donald Trump’s perpetual fights … Continue reading

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Life Gets Better with Age

An old friend always seems to have an endless stream of jokes, so this one surprised me.  Truth, or maybe I should say  TRUTH, doesn’t always come wrapped in a PhD, or is pronounced from a pulpit or from the … Continue reading

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Yep, I’m still alive!

Some people have asked if I’ve just stopped writing.  Yep, I actually have stopped writing. But try to understand that I will be writing again  — I just don’t know when that will be. Although I haven’t written anything new … Continue reading

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So Crimea and Ukraine are a Surprise? Really?

For some reason (and there must actually be one although what it actually might be eludes me),  the government of the United States of America, in particular John Kerry’s State Department, the CIA, the NSA and for all anyone can … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts for Today (and yesterday, too)

Democrats seem to have a problem with time. You know, the stuff on the clock or the calendar. They seem to obsess over things that happened 150 years ago, or more, but seem unable to deal with something that happened … Continue reading

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So, the NSA Snoops Don’t Stifle Dissent, Do They?

I just wandered out to the mailbox to check our mail, and right on top was a letter from the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance. Normally, I would have looked at it and thought, “What did those idiots … Continue reading

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