Obama Should Thank Chilon of Sparta

It’s amazing how things we say and do every day can be traced way back in our history. Some simple things like almost automatically saying “God bless you” when someone you don’t even know sneezes. That phrase goes back into … Continue reading

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An Interesting Commonality of Choice

I’ll admit to being perhaps a little slower of thought than I’d been when I was much younger, but even for me this thought crossed my mind about a week too late. The shock to the left from the election … Continue reading

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I’ve Seen It Before – Twice!

The recent news that has flooded the Internet (although not so much the print or broadcast media) that our progressive/liberal/Democrat colleagues have responded to their disappointment that Hillary didn’t win Tuesday’s election as they usually do. They rioted. In some … Continue reading

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How Could the Polls be So Far Off?

Published Nov. 10, 2016 at Canada Free Press The post-mortem on the 2016 election has now begun (and will probably continue for the next dozen election cycles) trying to identify for both Democrats and Republicans how badly the polls performed.  The … Continue reading

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How a Liberal Defines Words (and Ignores the Dictionary)

Published on Oct, 19, 2016 at American Thinker It sort of makes you wonder what kind of medication politicians are using these days. Words don’t always mean what a dictionary says they mean and this “alternative definition” appears to be … Continue reading

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Think It Can’t Be Worse?

Published Oct. 14, 2016 at American Thinker   After nearly eight years under the “leadership” of Barack Obama, most Americans looked forward to the election of 2016. Yet, when the primaries were finally said and done, and the candidates selected … Continue reading

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How Long Will a Trump Presidency Last? (Before an Impeachment, that is)

I always find it comforting to read stacks of other people’s opinions (assuming they agree with my opinions) but every now and then these published opinions seem to miss fairly obvious points. After reading reports of Donald Trump’s perpetual fights … Continue reading

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A Stunning Achievment

Published at Canada Free Press on May 7, 2016 While thinking about the unusual primary season for Republicans (how’s that for an understatement?), with the result being Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. This season has … Continue reading

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What Did He Just Say?

For seven years, or perhaps a bit more, we’ve listened to Barack Hussein Obama say things to us as a nation where the vast majority of people went “What did he just say?” Now I can even accept that, in … Continue reading

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Tell Me That You Love Me

Every person who enters into a relationship with another human being always wants to hear their potential partner say the words “I love you” in some form or other.  All of us do, and sadly we succumb to the temptation … Continue reading

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