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Aren’t Democrats Lucky? (For the time being, anyway)

The old saying is absolutely true: ignorance really is bliss and how can you be luckier than living through life in a blissful haze. Continue reading

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Consequence Free Living

Early this morning, Flag Day here in the United States, was celebrated by a Bernie Trump supporter who felt moved to spray a baseball diamond with bullets resulting in four people being seriously wounded. Why in the world would anyone … Continue reading

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A Child Playing Little League Baseball Understands the Rules

Some years ago General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet, sponsored advertising for their Chevys that contained a jingle that went something like “Baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet”.  The jingle defined what GM would like their potential customers to believe … Continue reading

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Do Laws Only Apply to Conservatives?

The recent nonsense regarding some of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes being unwilling to perform at the Trump inauguration leads to the potential for many parallel examples but with wildly different reactions. For example, a waiter or waitress might … Continue reading

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What Did He Just Say?

For seven years, or perhaps a bit more, we’ve listened to Barack Hussein Obama say things to us as a nation where the vast majority of people went “What did he just say?” Now I can even accept that, in … Continue reading

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Tell Me That You Love Me

Every person who enters into a relationship with another human being always wants to hear their potential partner say the words “I love you” in some form or other.  All of us do, and sadly we succumb to the temptation … Continue reading

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The Best is Yet to Come … of course it is

The Internet today has been simply aflame with stories and articles about the complete meltdown of sanity at Missouri University (or Mizzou if you prefer) over one of the precious students finding themselves offended by something. Sadly, however, exactly what … Continue reading

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Oops! I Made a Mistake

Published at Canada Free Press on October 19, 2015 Too many times our colleagues from the Progressive wing of the “Can I Be Any Stupider Party” draft and pass legislation that claims to help protect the average American.  In trying … Continue reading

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Let’s See How Much Cry-Baby Trump Plans to Sue 100,000 People Who Insult Him

Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed, self-celebrated and self-centered candidate for President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief is apparently adding one more potential appellation to be stuck among the others.                       … Continue reading

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In 1987, one of the most charming films of all time was released. It was a fairytale, but a fairytale designed to entertain adults. “The Princess Bride” has been, and continues to be, a work that brings a smile to … Continue reading

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