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Whence Comes the “Moral High Ground”

The continuing disasters in the Middle East, particularly the bloodbaths in Syria and Egypt, bring forth claims from leftists and Progressives that “something must be done.” I blush to admit that those on the right are equally verbose in calling … Continue reading

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Abandon the United Nations?

What are we going to do about the United Nations?   Exactly what has the U.N. accomplished?  I will grant that the U.N. began with the most noble and loftiest of intentions, but does it still embody those intentions? It’s ineffectual, … Continue reading

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Is Immigration Really a “Human Right”?

There are lots of erroneous assumptions that underpin the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that just passed the Senate. Let’s take a look at the question of “human rights”.  There’s been a lot of hot air generated using the phrase, … Continue reading

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A Speech I Would Have Liked to Hear

The thought occurs to me that President Obama, in his speech at the United Nations (that he was able to squeeze in to his hectic schedule between appearances on the View and Letterman) should not have apologized for a possibly … Continue reading

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Now Who’s Interfering in Another Country’s ‘Internal Affairs?’

Now that President Morsi has made his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly, and has called for the United States to revise its adherence to the First Amendment, I find it particularly interesting how that call complements other … Continue reading

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Thanks Again for Doing Such a Great Job of “Leading”, Mr. President

President Obama has been very condescending in describing Mitt Romney’s foreign policy credentials.  Of course every rational person in the country must realize by now how much foreign policy experience Obama himself brought to the Presidency three and a half … Continue reading

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